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Friday, September 30, 2016

Google Plans to Win Business Customers

UDMIDEAS represent Google Plans to win business customers

UDMIDEAS posts shared on the Facebook groups, but some users are unaware about the digital marketing concept and seo says that this group is not for business promotion. For them UDMIDEAS main concept is to make aware about what digital marketing is and how it is beneficial for students as well as every professional or person around the world and for them this post guides about the mind of Giant Google. This post tells you that seo, smo, ppc, or complete digital marketing concept not only boost career but also helps to earn reputable personality in the society.

READ - What is SEO

You are in Google’s G Suit era - Do you know, Goggle hires new consulting group and this group will troubleshoot the problems related to engineering as well as customers around the world.

The Google Company wishes to become a big business technology company. Under this rebranding of cloud computing division has done into the Google cloud, it also includes Google’s newly developed app name G suit.

The giant Google search engine lumping it’s all technology into one big category, including so many vivid technological services range from Google calendar to database tools. Google’s mindset is to integrate all technology under one platform under one big category, same like the IC lump all functionality.

Think about the new job opportunities, new career, new horizons achieved. It helps Google to compete with the traditional vendors such as MICROSOFT MSFT 0.23%. Aim to give best customer support and services to its business users around the world.

Students must know about the Google through UDMIDEAS as recent Google educational tutorial relieves that university students learn more about the Google search engine.

The giant search engine technology company GOOG 0.32% know it has lots of powerful technology under its plan to reach out millions of business customers around the world and built a strong relationship with business customers.


Here are the words from the recently hired former VMware VMW 0.66% executive Jason Martin –

·         Hired Google professionals directly worked with business leaders.

Google’s engineering-focused consulting unit

According to the Brain Stevens (Vice President of cloud platforms), professionals hired to improve Google business services around the world. The hired professionals teach customers how effectively use the Goggle’s cutting edge data center technology for their business improvement.

For example –

The hired team helps Google’s cloud customer Niantic troubleshoot problems when companies Pokémon Go mobile game experienced any problems to customers.

Google’s main aim is to offer best solutions and services to business customers around the world along with satisfying the general people.

Google’s from beginning to present and future to offer services which are free as well as paid, but aim to connect every user around the world. Free services used by general users, but now every client satisfaction done from the Google professionals, while paying services used by business professionals also aim to make them happy.

It means giant Google not only wish to stay on top of the search engines, but also aim to compete its competitors’ by integrating all technologies under one big category. The future of Google is bright and time will tell use, what Google could give more to improve cloud technology as well as Artificial intelligence.

UDMIDEAS main AIM – To Educate, Enrich and Define Your Ability

So the UDMIDEAS main aim is to educate every student to know what seo, smo, ppc is and how Google is growing. It makes complete sense that if all Indian students connect with us, they definitely get what they are looking for – A bright future under advance technology through UDMIDEAS.

Stay connected with us for all major updates happening in the field of Digital Marketing, learn digital marketing concepts, you will definitely love to enjoy this internet marketing field along with improving your online business reputation.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Relevancy is Important in SEO

Do you know about the word relevancy? It is how a thing is connected to another. In SEO relevancy plays an important role. How to rank a website? Relevancy helps to rank a website, this is the most important factor and it is also responsible to build brand image. Let’s take the example of Financial Business Website which provides insurance, loans, mortgages and all other things related to the finance.

The first question is how to do digital marketing for the finance business? Here is the following procedure, SEO for finance business website.

1.       Keyword Research - Research finance related keywords including generic keywords, geographic location keywords, sales keywords, informative keywords.

2.       On-Page Optimization - After keyword research, go with proper optimization of finance website which include – home page include 500 word content, while internal pages include minimum 300 words of content. Optimize the web content include h1, h2, h3, tags, include relevant keywords, look keyword density is 1 to 2 percent, optimize images, go with w3c validation, also look the creative and attractive website design structure, apply meta tags, titles, description, and keywords to every page from home page.

On-Page optimization for financial website is the same for other kind of websites. Take care of keyword prominence and proximity. Apply brain use artificial intelligence; means use keywords in such a manner that are more genuine and user friendly, put questions in content which help to easily searchable by search engine crawlers.

A good on-page optimized website definitely comes in top 50 of the SERP. Follow all the on-page optimization rules of the giant Google.

3.       Link building – Relevancy plays important role. Finance website, all links come from finance websites, search is the best theory.

Blog comments done only on the finance blogs, search guest blogs which accept finance related content, forums are searched on the finance, social bookmarking share unique finance content, Profile links are created which complete describe that you are financial need provider or consultant, Infographic clearly indicate your company’s goal regarding the finance, every seo technique clearly precise the finance related information, run question and answer series on question and answer websites.

Always keep in mind regarding relevancy, don’t build links on any website, and even don’t build links to those websites which are not related to finance.

4.       Social media

Best place to get millions of users, promote informative images, do viral marketing, here also understand and decide who is your customer, and up to what age. Like mainly business professionals enjoy finance related guidelines, target them. Relevancy also plays important role in the social; media. Go with viral marketing image posts.

5.       RUN PPC
Pay per click, costly, but here also relevancy comes in a major point, exclude negative keywords, go with positive keywords run ppc for only those keywords which give visitors to your business. Also, targeted location is selected from the options while running ppc. Don’t target finance business worldwide if services are limited to particular country.

So, relevancy plays important role in every business, whether diamond business, jewelry business, or business related to education, customers comes if businesses are done according to the business need. Think business is of food, is it a good idea to create link on finance website, NO. That is why relevancy plays important role. Search engine crawlers automatically detect what your business is and where you are creating links, even some times’ websites penalizes if wrong ways of digital marketing is done, so think before acting. Always keep in mind about relevancy as important factor to get business at top of SERP for targeted keywords.

What is Possum Update

Digital Marketers Must Know This - Possum Update

Any update from giant search engine Google creates panic among business professionals. This means working of Google is truly inspired through the life. This September 2016 “Possum” from giant Google havoc many business professionals. Local seo affected from this 2nd biggest update from giant Google as the 1st was the pigeon in 2014 means business down after release of it.  The question is why ranking down after any update from Google? Answer is simple - This is because not following the rules and regulations of search engine.

What is Possum Update?

It diversifies the local results. It filtered the spam show the real work instead of showing fake. It detects Spam.

Possum Update Improve LOCAL SEO

1.       Improving Business Vale - From now with this update business located outside the city is easily searchable and has easily achievable organic ranking in SERP.

2.       Filtering Best results - Out of two businesses at same address or at same building in the same category this algorithm filtered the most relevant business of the same category.

3.       Physical Location is Important – If business located in Perth, then business in the Perth are given top priority in organic SERP as compare to the business outside the Perth, Google with smart brain.

4.       Keyword proximity and prominence – A small variation in the keyword results, different and unique organic results, earlier it was not possible.

5.       Local results become more independent as compare to the organic results.

No doubt any update from giant Google keep itself at top position in the market, but business owners always get panic from any update. It is also true if Google doesn’t provide any update what about the new business owners. As compare to the Chinese search engine, Google is far-far better that is why it remains at TOP.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cutting Edge SEO

Do you know what includes in the cutting edge SEO? This question is asked by millions of customers around the world, but few discover the cutting edge results from seo services.  The cutting edge seo devoted to drive leads to the targeted clients business according to its requirements through search engine optimization techniques and ideas. The companies providing cutting edge seo services will cover extra miles for their clients business giving them exceptional profitable value.

 We are in the new era with advance technology – Smartphones are everywhere, India equipped with 4G technology and rest of world with 5G and more advance Internet technology. Millions searches from small to big things done through the usage of smart phones. The responsive mobile friendly website is the top priority in the cutting edge seo concept, and seo professionals always look for the device friendly website design and structure. Competition is heavy, how to choose the best seo and web design services – read our blog.

The overall answer of cutting edge seo is to provide improved business values through improved return of investment according to the targeted location. Gone are the days where link building is done only to achieve ranking, but now high quality link building is done to achieve the business leads. Unique search engine friendly content is today's and future needs, the penguin updates are automatically applied to the inbuilt search engine algorithm, so seo friendly content means self-written unique and informative content which is not available anywhere on Internet.

The seo professional’s work with designers, link builders, content writers, web developers and follow the rules of search engines like Google to get the best cutting edge seo results.

For success in business patience is necessary, but also best services are required and to find them research is necessary. Destiny always achieved.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Learn ASO - Lesson 2


Final result of Apps keyword monitoring is improvement in the download ratio of the App, will lead to improve the targeted reach value, improve return of Investment is what the more download means. Not monitoring earlier about the keywords means lost download opportunities.

Search for new keyword List by using vivid Apps Store optimization keyword tools. Wish to learn the Apps store optimization in Jaipur contact us at 9521186150. Our highly dedicated ASO team will guide you how to optimize the Apps for Google Play store, Apple Play store and Windows play store.

Analyze the Competitive keywords for your Competitors

How to analyze the keywords, same is what we do in the SEO, as for Apps we use vivid APPs tools and find the competitive keywords. Foremost thing is we find our competitors, analyze what they are ranking for and how old they are? Always remember relevance, difficulty and traffic.

Do you Know fact

“ 96.3 percent
Android gains share, iOS falls in 2014 Smartphone OS market. Android and iOS increased their combined share of the global mobile OS market in 2014, running on 96.3 percent of all smart phones. That's up from their 93.8 percent share in 2013, IDC said Tuesday”

Even you may also use the “Thesaurus” for keyword ideas about App. The most difficult for any App optimization is the selection of the keywords that is why it is truly confirmed that keyword research is the mind game.
How you should vary your Add Description

As we already told about the characters of the description for apple and Google play store. This is fixed; don’t go over to it for achieving better App ranking.

It is good idea, find your competitors and research their description and make relevant description for your Apps services. Always look beyond the side, think differently to find something new, as there are enormous way to get App at top, what finally is the proper research for relevant keyword.

Think differently regarding keyword research and get best results for your App.


Think of the twitter website, as it use hash tag #, when you search for the particular keyword in the twitter search bar, what you will get all relevant hash tags tweets related to that keyword.
For example …
Look this image…
Examine Reviews for the App

A better idea is from the user generated content; reviews are great way to find the actual user targeted keywords. It means you have to read reviews and get keywords from them.

You better understand because we make you to understand the complete App optimization process, review mining is one of the best sources to get what App users are searching at App stores. What we want to convey is research is the main prospective for the App marketing.

Even you should use Google Keyword Planner as what we use for the seo keyword research. Behind this there are many keyword research tools, you have to explore for better App ranking because you know what keyword do for your App.


We think you bookmark this page as we do lot of research with keyword strategy and in the next ASO lesson we will give you keyword optimization work flow. The whole App optimization story depends on the good selection of keywords.

Learn ASO - Apps Store Optimization


Set up your Goal
Your goal is to get top rank for any App for the targeted keywords. Get your App at top so users view and download it in easier way.

It is noticeable that you app not ranking for certain targeted keywords, but ranking for the highly relevant keyword in not a bad idea.

Testing comes to play major role for those targeted keywords for any App. For keyword testing you know many download might occur for your App.

How to Track keyword rankings…

For this you may use vivid App keyword research tools like sensor tower… And take following App Keyword ranking tools….

There is the option to the all keyword ranking tool... Add App… click it and add Google play store App link or Apple play store App link…

After the analysis you get the report of the targeted keywords ranking with priority.. let’s look this image of sensor tower tool…
The keyword ranking for App store in not static, frequent change is part of the App keyword strategy. It is a good idea to monitor the targeted keyword on weekly basis. Even it is better if you monitor keywords on daily basis.

What you will get from this keyword monitoring schedule. Suppose your keyword down from #5 to #10, or #35 to #47, no doubt you must find better replacement.

The sooner you discover app ranking down, sooner you will replace, sooner you will get the better results with more downloads, that is what the best App marketing strategy.

Mobile Friendly Update

Dated - 2015-10

Today In The Morning I Search Seo Services Jaipur In Google.Co.In, What I Found Is Amazing, All New Websites. While For Same Keyword In The Laptop I Get Different Results, What Actually It Means That There Is Something A New Update From The Giant Search Engine Google, Which I Get Answer From Vivid Seo News Sources That The Google Finally Confirms Mobile Friendly Update Live And Is Rolling Out But What Actually It Means To Every Business Developer? Giant Search Engine Focus On The Mobile Business Development Strategy From Which It Is Clear That Mobile Users Are Increasing Every Day Every Second, No Doubt The Giant Google Always Give Something New To Users In Today’s Competitive Markets. For Search Engine Prospects It Is Good A Bright Future Is Waiting In The Digital Marketing World, Now Every Business Website Must Be Responsive So It Is Easily Explorable With The Mobile Devices. What As Idea And What An Advance Technology In Which We Are Living, That Is Why Mobile Devices Are Really Make This World Happy.

Now What Google’s John Mueller Confirm – “Mobile friendly Google Algorithm is rolling out and live at some data centers, original effect looks after a week”.

Google Officially confirmed the mobile friendly update on April 21st2015. Some webmasters confirmed that there is mobile friendly update; some are unaware about this update.
As time passes, it is expected, more and more webmasters get the clarity about mobile friendly update.

At present time some discover this update for hour but next hour the search results changed to the old as seems there is no update, exact conclusion will shown after a week.

What is its impact and what its future Usage

Giant search engine show what actually it is and what will provide to compete this world, no doubt its value increases from time to time with such advance algorithm updates, as they give a new clarity to the new advance SEO strategy.

One thing it is clear that your business marketing website must be mobile friendly, now in future more work will carry with mobile seo strategy in digital marketing.

Even it is difficult to carry laptop and desktop to vivid places, but mobile is easily carried at any place and Internet easily used from anywhere with just single coin of recharge voucher. It means that mobile searches are increasing every day and it is necessary to have mobile friendly business website.

What is the Future of Digital Marketing?

A bright future is waiting in the field of internet marketing, because search engine like Google launch new algorithms with respect to time change make a bright career in this marketing era.

Now think the ASO – Apps Store Optimization is going and the future is of the Mobile SEO optimization, no doubt a bright future in the field of Digital Marketing.

With live of such kind of Google Algorithm, Search Engine Optimization history change a lot and in the upcoming future some more updates we will look as no doubt the future of Internet marketing is bright.

Explore the world of digital marketing technology with vivid search engines and discover a bright career. As you are business owner always go with the mobile friendly responsive website as mobile searches are increases.


Smart Science Of Digital Marketing

Outcome of the latest Digital Marketing updates?

We all know about the latest technology update going in the world, as compare to the past we are more advance, and if we run with the same phase, no doubt everyone equipped with the smart gadgets even everyone should have the own airplane.

 Let’s Explore about the Digital Marketing Services

The Google desire to remain best search engines, and for that this search engine frequently changing its algorithms with advance mechanism of the Artificial intelligence, which means what user search she or he will  get easily.

Everything is digitized with smart marketing techniques. Even every second every user joins with some new concept or with some new advanced idea. From where this advancement end, there is I think no full stop.

Let’s Explore the Smart Science

How the smart science reach to every home with the advance Digital Marketing Techniques. The advertisements methods explore the latest science to the all communities, so people watch and the latest available facilities to run smooth lifestyle.

Like A bus from source to destination when comes, initially people don’t know about it, but with marketing and advertisements they should know what is where and what is its importance.

Let’s Explore the Science Smart gadgets

How these come sin appearance, the marketing is all what explore them so people love them with their advanced features and purchase them.

This is what the science of Digital Marketing services. Suppose a person open new website, how it come to known for every person? With the smart advanced Internet Marketing Techniques. Many websites are running all over the world how they earn their outputs. With these marketing services they hire seo, smo, ppc freelancers and with vivid advertisements techniques they build their brand reputation.

Science too is a smart, but it is known to those who uses it in smart manner, same is all about the Digital Marketing, it is smart and advance but awareness is what the entire outcome to give huge ROI with sales.

Understand SEO Graphs

SEO reports are vital components as well as tedious to read. How to help stakeholders without getting them to sleep at their desks with long search engine optimization gossips? The answer lies in the question; best way is the use of eye-catching seo graphs by compiling the profit and loses data. A quick glance regarding business optimization is necessary which is given by the visual data. Attractive, succinct marketing strategy to answer the questions put up by the executives.
Let’s explore the graphs credibility to brighten the search engine marketing strategy.
Generate weekly search engine SEO digest –

Graphs are easy to read and process, but they are easily created, which updates executives weekly with good amount of information.

SEO graph Boost confidence to adhere proper plan with updating the new refreshed weekly additional information to the executives.

Creating graphs would be difficult, but in small time of span this can be managed in well format –
·         Plot graphs between leads and revenue – gives what is happening directly in the marketing business.

·         You can also plot graph between the goals and revenue target.
·         One can easily show the performance under the graphs.
What is the best about these graphs? It take only  a minute to analyze the business world.

You will also get what is happening and why this is happening in the business, along with what to do to achieve the required target.

Get It Or Not, Just Is Simple Manner The Graph Tells About –

Current performance
·         Efforts put to progress
·         What to do for increase the decreased value of marketing
These graphs will give complete output in one minute as well as for the team meetings they are really adds exceptional value by saving time and cost.

Any One Could plot Monthly SEO graphs

It gives higher level of sights regarding the profit and loses progress to the business.
The monthly graph also gives a new planning to the upcoming month.

Create eye catching monthly search engine marketing
graph for any business
·         Select the best time period according to the client requirement
·         Plot the actual revenue by month on the basis of research for six months
·         Same seo graph is plotted with two months gap
·         It is easy to put the monthly goals if you have achieved for the clients business.

Helpful to give the past data information; executives easy to search what happened in the past month, no headache to them; for exceptional performance digital marketer specialist forecast the next 60 days progress report.

This monthly graph presents the monthly information in easier manner; plot the performance to compare the goals for the past month with the projections coming to the next month.

This graph represents month end performance with the revenue growth of upcoming month, what an idea, which change the world of thinking and analysis.  It also give side what to deploy next and in which manner, this saving the cost and time for any business marketing strategy, what all require is to hire a good digital marketer specialist.

Create Monthly Graph in Five Minutes –

·         Divide the present month and upcoming month into small weekly chunks
·         Add actual revenue to the graph
·         Why not put revenue goals into it

Other Benefits of creating SEO graphs
SEO report becomes a win-win strategy for any business
CEO’s discover a win-win situation by saving time as they get the core information with eye catching look

Such graphs directly dictate about the seo work, helps to earn trust and market value
A better plan for upcoming month is developed with the help of profit and lose seo graph, thus anyone also keep eye on the revenue generation.

What is all about the SEO graph importance is to find someone who is experience digital marketer


What Is Video Marketing Innovation

What Is video Marketing?

Merging of Science and Art

Video marketing is now powerful medium to promote services of vivid kind and why you have to do look the great example of the YouTube customers reach.

It is researched that with video marketing boom, up to 2018 80% online traffic is what it outcomes, so it is right time to start business video marketing. Take a step and video marketing do all what require for your business.

Last year’s people lifestyle changed a lot with the online videos and they are happy that they easily understand things.
It is necessary to get involved with the video marketing for any kind of business, even the freelancers creating their video for what they serve best to the business requirement. It is the best achievement with today’s advance technology and it explores the business values more with more valuable considerations.
Where to upload your video Facebook or the YouTube, why not both as YouTube is the second world’s largest search engine. Why not upload the same video with the Facebook as it explore the double advantage in today’s search engine world.

Advantages of Video marketing

Alternate way of marketing which explore complete business message to the wider audience.

More exposure any video get means more business values.

Customer Reviews and SEO

Do you know How Customer Reviews Strategy can Impact the SEO

Facts About customer reviews

1.       90% online customers read reviews while purchasing any product or services from Online.

2.       Having excellent reviews for your business, more than 30% customers likely to that   business.

3.       Reviews also boost business brand visibility and credibility also helps to regenerated fresh user admirable content.

4.       More than 80% users take action if have positive reviews abut business.

Giant Google changed   a lot from past where only a  few updates but now updates are of everything, Google crawlers even count small things in near future, a process continues. The future of Google is to focus on the unique content, social sharing, and device friendliness, and in this step Google scientists are working.

Do you know what the content is all about, or what content says?

1.       Unique – Freshly born

2.       Relevancy – If content is related to education, definitely don’t use unwanted words which are not related to education.

3.       Helpful – Describe user point of view.

4.       Top valuable – Information is valuable means every user and visitor love to read it.
5.       UX friendly – Device friendly is necessary

6.       Spread automatically – Don’t go for false concepts, create such content which create rumor, and these are facts.

According to research from big companies, it is believed that more than 9% of customer reviews are helpful in improving business ranking.  If wish to improve brand visibility always go with pure and generic customer reviews.

Do you know how reviews boost SEO

Google crawlers encourage fresh content, customer reviews is a FRESH and unique content. The reviews from users are deprived from users mind, and these reviews are not present at anywhere on the Google.

Hiring content writer always prefer keyword in the content, the customer review generate content contains fresh and new keywords, because customer give reviews in general form. Customer reviews automatically generate long tail and short tail keywords which are loved by search engines.
Boost social conversions – Impressive reviews helpful to promote business through social media websites.

Google loves that website which has generic reviews, and is of highly rated stars.
Do you know according to research improved star ratings may lead increase in conversion rate which is about 17% more.

Customer reviews also improve ranking for products in search engines, more reviews, more fresh content, and more keywords which are new to Google crawlers, means improve in ranking.

Do you know How to make review for website?

1.       Create a proper strategy to get original reviews.
2.       Encourage online visitors; to get more reviews; even run an email campaign to get reviews, best is to get reviews from your customers by requesting them.
3.       A closer communication with your customer to get reviews which boost your business keyword ranking in search engine.
4.       Reward those customers whose review is the best.
5.       Always try to get reviews, and this happens at right time and for right contact.
6.       Use proper on-page optimization – Go for rich snippets.
7.       Reply for reviews, it is necessary.
8.       Keep patience, and remain cool
9.       Signup with the best third party review website and get the things done in easy manner.
10.   Go with Facebook ratings. It is necessary.
11.   Negative reviews must be embraced, because it give visitors to positive things about your services, must reply regarding negative reviews.

Want to improve your website ranking, and get keywords at top of SERP. Read blog How to get website at top of SERP.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Manual SEO strategy VS Automation 2017

Local SEO in 2017

Manual SEO vs Automation

Many seo companies are using great software options for seo, but human managed search engine techniques are always alive and necessary to see the results, because seo is developed and produced by humans.

Fact of Digital Marketing – This world emerges as a Local Search software as a service platforms from last five years. This market improves the values of business brand with improving physical locations of stores due to rise of SaaS.

Do you know?  SaaS Platforms permit digital marketing agencies and companies to store business related data in one centralized location and pushing information from that location to various channels.

Now days a lot improved in the organic search results, due to the rise of SaaS platforms. SaaS makes user to get more accurate information regarding their searches through search engines because where digital marketers push local listings data, and all social media data at one place. Compare to past where users didn’t get actual information as now due to the Artificial intelligence users get more accurate information.

Using SaaS for digital marketing, brand marketers analyze that it is a budget oriented human resource. This platform not only manages daily data acquisition but also help search engines to improve their ranking attributes which are helpful for SEO, means SEO is not dead. The future of search engine is bright.

Regarding SaaS platforms which are internally expansive, they are turnkey solutions to operate automatically and a little need require, but overall Return of Investment from then is very huge.

No doubt Automation offer benefits, but still and in near future local SEO monitored and managed manually by human beings. Manual SEO analysis continues in near future also which include along with SaaS as follows.
1.       Analysis of business listing in search engines, Apple, Bing, Yahoo, Google, and Yandex. The data retrieve from the SaaS platform.
2.       Link creation and ranking position of keywords.
3.       Mobile and desktop analysis of business.
4.       Content management and its Curation for better SEO results.
5.       Tracking, measurement, retrieving, analysis, and creating proper seo strategy.
6.       Analyzing the channels manually from where the conversions come from.
7.       Creating links relevant to business on high authority websites.

SaaS platforms are Streamline Bridge for local SEO – These platforms act as a Digital Divide between user and SEO professionals. Software as a service is a well-managed digital approach for digital marketing experts.

Let’s explore some benefits as well as differences of each technology.

Using SaaS for SEO
1.       Such platforms allow brand marketers to unify, authorize, and allocate any kind of business data and valuable information across vivid networks and directories.
2.       This also makes retrieving and syndication of data easy by various search engines, social networks, and directories; thus improve brand visibility along with improving organic search results.
3.       Due to the usability of revenue sharing agreements SaaS platforms update listings much faster with improved content. The paid inclusion programs from SaaS improve ranking for the Yelp, LOCAL but these programs are not supported or influence to major search engines like Google and Bing.

Let’s Explore the Benefits of SaaS for SEO

1.       Business listings are updated with required content.
2.    Ease towards publishing of social content.
3.    Ease of distribution of citation towards 100’s of directories.
4.    Ease to verify the latitude and longitude of particular location.
5.    Analysis of Citations done in easy manner.
6.    Review compilation becomes easy from vivid sources.

SaaS makes work easy by giving improved search rankings for particular business along with accurate information regarding any business, but manual SEO is still need in focus and the future of SEO always remain manual.
The giant Google always focus on the manual SEO work, no doubt some professionals use unwanted techniques, but Google Algorithm and its customer satisfied policies degrade the unwanted work in the SEO field.

Along with pushing data directly to channels, use of data base aggregators is the need of present and future. We are moving towards machine age, but human work always appreciated and required. For example smartphones, not automatically do everything, human always operate manually.

Machine Age (Technology) + Manual Work [SEO FUTURE]
Technology, no doubt improve the digital marketing making much easier, but human work still needs and always require, because of the thinking power the human has. How to measure, performance? how to analyze back links?, how to do quality work? All is done manually. Local Seo always need human work to improve the ROI.
Isn’t seo professional’s requiring to track and manage the Google analytics, Google webmaster, and keyword research criteria! If all things done with automation tools then what a human think! How human work? It means no doubt automation is rising but there is always need of human beings for all automation as well as manual seo work.

The Future of SEO
The giant Google keep updating itself from time to time, as the fact known that after Google Venice, and Google Pigeon, there are more updates coming in near future which makes Google smart and user friendly, but all things done by manually.
More update from Google means better ranking factors, better algorithms; users discover best results, along with a bright career in the field of SEO for every human being. Improved brand visibility of every business as giant search engine investing and providing better ranking and crawling behavior in near future.
NOTE – No automation technique like SaaS dominate completely itself, because change is necessary and it is part of life, the primary SEO elements always remain to impact organic ranking. Business brands employee a comprehensive proper strategy which includes –
1.    Improved ROI with high touched analysis and execution of local assets.
2.    Proper analysis is done on the paid search
3.    To maximize the organic search results, website structure content of page, and back links are managed and evaluate manually.

NO doubt complexities come because automation and manual seo flow together, but always follow comprehensive seo strategy.


1.    SaaS platform only work to save and retrieve data, what user wish to get while searching in search engines is all depends on the work done by digital Marketers.
2.    Legitimate seo strategies are unaffected by automation.
3.    SaaS platform is only like a rented apartment while manual seo is own home.
4.    Proper SEO Strategy is necessary to improve brand visibility and improving organic search rankings.

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