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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Customer Reviews and SEO

Do you know How Customer Reviews Strategy can Impact the SEO

Facts About customer reviews

1.       90% online customers read reviews while purchasing any product or services from Online.

2.       Having excellent reviews for your business, more than 30% customers likely to that   business.

3.       Reviews also boost business brand visibility and credibility also helps to regenerated fresh user admirable content.

4.       More than 80% users take action if have positive reviews abut business.

Giant Google changed   a lot from past where only a  few updates but now updates are of everything, Google crawlers even count small things in near future, a process continues. The future of Google is to focus on the unique content, social sharing, and device friendliness, and in this step Google scientists are working.

Do you know what the content is all about, or what content says?

1.       Unique – Freshly born

2.       Relevancy – If content is related to education, definitely don’t use unwanted words which are not related to education.

3.       Helpful – Describe user point of view.

4.       Top valuable – Information is valuable means every user and visitor love to read it.
5.       UX friendly – Device friendly is necessary

6.       Spread automatically – Don’t go for false concepts, create such content which create rumor, and these are facts.

According to research from big companies, it is believed that more than 9% of customer reviews are helpful in improving business ranking.  If wish to improve brand visibility always go with pure and generic customer reviews.

Do you know how reviews boost SEO

Google crawlers encourage fresh content, customer reviews is a FRESH and unique content. The reviews from users are deprived from users mind, and these reviews are not present at anywhere on the Google.

Hiring content writer always prefer keyword in the content, the customer review generate content contains fresh and new keywords, because customer give reviews in general form. Customer reviews automatically generate long tail and short tail keywords which are loved by search engines.
Boost social conversions – Impressive reviews helpful to promote business through social media websites.

Google loves that website which has generic reviews, and is of highly rated stars.
Do you know according to research improved star ratings may lead increase in conversion rate which is about 17% more.

Customer reviews also improve ranking for products in search engines, more reviews, more fresh content, and more keywords which are new to Google crawlers, means improve in ranking.

Do you know How to make review for website?

1.       Create a proper strategy to get original reviews.
2.       Encourage online visitors; to get more reviews; even run an email campaign to get reviews, best is to get reviews from your customers by requesting them.
3.       A closer communication with your customer to get reviews which boost your business keyword ranking in search engine.
4.       Reward those customers whose review is the best.
5.       Always try to get reviews, and this happens at right time and for right contact.
6.       Use proper on-page optimization – Go for rich snippets.
7.       Reply for reviews, it is necessary.
8.       Keep patience, and remain cool
9.       Signup with the best third party review website and get the things done in easy manner.
10.   Go with Facebook ratings. It is necessary.
11.   Negative reviews must be embraced, because it give visitors to positive things about your services, must reply regarding negative reviews.

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