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Friday, September 30, 2016

Google Plans to Win Business Customers

UDMIDEAS represent Google Plans to win business customers

UDMIDEAS posts shared on the Facebook groups, but some users are unaware about the digital marketing concept and seo says that this group is not for business promotion. For them UDMIDEAS main concept is to make aware about what digital marketing is and how it is beneficial for students as well as every professional or person around the world and for them this post guides about the mind of Giant Google. This post tells you that seo, smo, ppc, or complete digital marketing concept not only boost career but also helps to earn reputable personality in the society.

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You are in Google’s G Suit era - Do you know, Goggle hires new consulting group and this group will troubleshoot the problems related to engineering as well as customers around the world.

The Google Company wishes to become a big business technology company. Under this rebranding of cloud computing division has done into the Google cloud, it also includes Google’s newly developed app name G suit.

The giant Google search engine lumping it’s all technology into one big category, including so many vivid technological services range from Google calendar to database tools. Google’s mindset is to integrate all technology under one platform under one big category, same like the IC lump all functionality.

Think about the new job opportunities, new career, new horizons achieved. It helps Google to compete with the traditional vendors such as MICROSOFT MSFT 0.23%. Aim to give best customer support and services to its business users around the world.

Students must know about the Google through UDMIDEAS as recent Google educational tutorial relieves that university students learn more about the Google search engine.

The giant search engine technology company GOOG 0.32% know it has lots of powerful technology under its plan to reach out millions of business customers around the world and built a strong relationship with business customers.


Here are the words from the recently hired former VMware VMW 0.66% executive Jason Martin –

·         Hired Google professionals directly worked with business leaders.

Google’s engineering-focused consulting unit

According to the Brain Stevens (Vice President of cloud platforms), professionals hired to improve Google business services around the world. The hired professionals teach customers how effectively use the Goggle’s cutting edge data center technology for their business improvement.

For example –

The hired team helps Google’s cloud customer Niantic troubleshoot problems when companies Pokémon Go mobile game experienced any problems to customers.

Google’s main aim is to offer best solutions and services to business customers around the world along with satisfying the general people.

Google’s from beginning to present and future to offer services which are free as well as paid, but aim to connect every user around the world. Free services used by general users, but now every client satisfaction done from the Google professionals, while paying services used by business professionals also aim to make them happy.

It means giant Google not only wish to stay on top of the search engines, but also aim to compete its competitors’ by integrating all technologies under one big category. The future of Google is bright and time will tell use, what Google could give more to improve cloud technology as well as Artificial intelligence.

UDMIDEAS main AIM – To Educate, Enrich and Define Your Ability

So the UDMIDEAS main aim is to educate every student to know what seo, smo, ppc is and how Google is growing. It makes complete sense that if all Indian students connect with us, they definitely get what they are looking for – A bright future under advance technology through UDMIDEAS.

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