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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to rank a website

How to Rank a Brand New Website

This content guides you about how to get a website at the TOP of search engines. To get a website at top of the SERP, not an easy task, but following search engine rules, hiring SEO professionals eases online business website to improve search engine rankings for targeted keywords.


The question is what to do for any website to get at top of the search engines. Here is the procedure –

  1. On-Page Optimization
First analyze and research, what is your online business website is about? What its main aim? What is your targeted business location? Who is your customers, whether student, teacher, business professionals, technology, news, or other. Which are the best keywords for your business?
To select keywords, use Google keyword Planner. Find long targeted keywords, along with short tail keywords. Medium searches, High search as well as low keyword search results from Google keyword planer for different pages of business website. There are other keyword research tools which also used, but best is to use keyword planner from Giant search engine Goggle which is FREE.
What after Keyword selection and research is done? Apply these keywords in different web pages of website in title, description, keywords, and in the content of the web page. Means on-Page optimization is done according to the search engine rules. There are more than 200 rules from giant search engines which are need to be followed.

What is the main aim of on-page optimization?

It easily crawled any business website according to the targeted keywords. Web pages come in the search engine results. On-Page optimization makes business website easily searchable to search engines.

On-Page helps to get your business web pages in search engines results according to the targeted keywords of their frequency.
Now on-page is done, what after it to get your website at top of the first page of search engines. For that high quality back links are required, there comes off-page optimization work. 

Look what are the off page optimization techniques?

  1. Creating Back links for web pages.
1.       Create Article of 700 words and post it to the article website like ezine, but of high quality unique content, containing 2 to 3 keywords, and informative, do not copy and paste the content from other websites. Per day an article is created, from article website two back links are takes, one of the website and one include the social media profile page of the business. Per day 1 article is created, keeping in mind to get high quality back links as well as to improve business brand visibility.

2.       Create blog content of about 500 to 600 words, and post it the blog websites, like word press, blogger, while creating blog address use the user name instead of taking keyword as a blog address name. This avoids the spamming. From blog also two back links are created one of the website and one contain the social profile link.

3.       Blog comments is a good technique, but many believe that blog comments are coming in spam, this is wrong. Follow certain rules, while commenting always select the blogs relevant to the business, which are of high domain and page authority, the blog is freshly created – look date of the blog. Write informative content, don’t write nice blog, very informative, put some valuable information and put link in such a form so it is not counted in spam by webmaster if blog comment under goes in moderation. Better to use username and create back links on it as there is option of name, email, and website and then comment box is there.

4.       Forum Discussions are one of the best off page seo technique which generate heavy traffic to business. First search forums related to the business, suppose business is of education, search – “forums on education”, Google shows various forums, click on them, open them in browser, register option is there, register to forums, and fill complete original details, otherwise forums banned you, create forum profile links there, and then introduce yourself in forum discussion section, take time, stay connected with forums, every day access forums, participate in forum discussion, provide valuable information to the online users. Increase your profile authority there by lining other forum discussion topics, and participating in them.

5.       Profile links, search social networking websites, they will provide many options like to social networking websites provides to post blogs, participate in discussions, create groups there, posting images, posting blog, posting status, and many other and vivid attributes which help to get back links from them. Creating back links to them is what is of high authority.

6.       Social bookmarking changed a lot, in social bookmarking register account, vote for some other social bookmarks, save other bookmarks; improve user authorization by doing so. Create back link for the targeted website use unique and informative title, select best generic keywords, with unique news in descriptions section.

7.       Directory Submission, Dmoz is the best one time link, but take time, so search directory listing websites, there get hundred’s. Create unique description, business name and keywords; avoid those websites which have unwanted content. Go for those directories which are best and of high authority.

8.       Press release, if there any news relate to business, create press release and post the news to the press release websites.

Like these there are many other off-page techniques, which are helpful to create backlinks and help to get business website at top of the search engines.


Effect of creating backlinks

Back links are food for your website, think what happen if a person doesn’t eat food whole day, energy less, same is about the back links, creating high quality links for a website improves ranking for the targeted keywords.

Ho to make Back links? Follow following procedure to create back links

1.       Use URL directly to create back links
2.       Take keyword as an anchor text and create back links to them, using keywords only 30% back links are created.
3.       Use (Business name + Keyword) and create link.
4.       Use (Keyword + Business name) and create back links
5.       Use business name
6.       Apply some keyword before targeted keyword
7.       Apply some keyword after actual targeted keyword.

In how many times a website comes at top of SERP?

Doing on-page optimization websites automatically comes in SERP for the targeted keywords. To get any website at top of the first page of search engines; nearly take 3 to 4 months, depending on the targeted keyword frequency. Keywords of low and medium searches comes in 3 to 4 months, while keywords of high searches, depend son search quality take time nearly 6 to 8 months. Also the ranking of keywords depends on the quality of the work.
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