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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Learn ASO - Lesson 2


Final result of Apps keyword monitoring is improvement in the download ratio of the App, will lead to improve the targeted reach value, improve return of Investment is what the more download means. Not monitoring earlier about the keywords means lost download opportunities.

Search for new keyword List by using vivid Apps Store optimization keyword tools. Wish to learn the Apps store optimization in Jaipur contact us at 9521186150. Our highly dedicated ASO team will guide you how to optimize the Apps for Google Play store, Apple Play store and Windows play store.

Analyze the Competitive keywords for your Competitors

How to analyze the keywords, same is what we do in the SEO, as for Apps we use vivid APPs tools and find the competitive keywords. Foremost thing is we find our competitors, analyze what they are ranking for and how old they are? Always remember relevance, difficulty and traffic.

Do you Know fact

“ 96.3 percent
Android gains share, iOS falls in 2014 Smartphone OS market. Android and iOS increased their combined share of the global mobile OS market in 2014, running on 96.3 percent of all smart phones. That's up from their 93.8 percent share in 2013, IDC said Tuesday”

Even you may also use the “Thesaurus” for keyword ideas about App. The most difficult for any App optimization is the selection of the keywords that is why it is truly confirmed that keyword research is the mind game.
How you should vary your Add Description

As we already told about the characters of the description for apple and Google play store. This is fixed; don’t go over to it for achieving better App ranking.

It is good idea, find your competitors and research their description and make relevant description for your Apps services. Always look beyond the side, think differently to find something new, as there are enormous way to get App at top, what finally is the proper research for relevant keyword.

Think differently regarding keyword research and get best results for your App.


Think of the twitter website, as it use hash tag #, when you search for the particular keyword in the twitter search bar, what you will get all relevant hash tags tweets related to that keyword.
For example …
Look this image…
Examine Reviews for the App

A better idea is from the user generated content; reviews are great way to find the actual user targeted keywords. It means you have to read reviews and get keywords from them.

You better understand because we make you to understand the complete App optimization process, review mining is one of the best sources to get what App users are searching at App stores. What we want to convey is research is the main prospective for the App marketing.

Even you should use Google Keyword Planner as what we use for the seo keyword research. Behind this there are many keyword research tools, you have to explore for better App ranking because you know what keyword do for your App.


We think you bookmark this page as we do lot of research with keyword strategy and in the next ASO lesson we will give you keyword optimization work flow. The whole App optimization story depends on the good selection of keywords.
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