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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Manual SEO strategy VS Automation 2017

Local SEO in 2017

Manual SEO vs Automation

Many seo companies are using great software options for seo, but human managed search engine techniques are always alive and necessary to see the results, because seo is developed and produced by humans.

Fact of Digital Marketing – This world emerges as a Local Search software as a service platforms from last five years. This market improves the values of business brand with improving physical locations of stores due to rise of SaaS.

Do you know?  SaaS Platforms permit digital marketing agencies and companies to store business related data in one centralized location and pushing information from that location to various channels.

Now days a lot improved in the organic search results, due to the rise of SaaS platforms. SaaS makes user to get more accurate information regarding their searches through search engines because where digital marketers push local listings data, and all social media data at one place. Compare to past where users didn’t get actual information as now due to the Artificial intelligence users get more accurate information.

Using SaaS for digital marketing, brand marketers analyze that it is a budget oriented human resource. This platform not only manages daily data acquisition but also help search engines to improve their ranking attributes which are helpful for SEO, means SEO is not dead. The future of search engine is bright.

Regarding SaaS platforms which are internally expansive, they are turnkey solutions to operate automatically and a little need require, but overall Return of Investment from then is very huge.

No doubt Automation offer benefits, but still and in near future local SEO monitored and managed manually by human beings. Manual SEO analysis continues in near future also which include along with SaaS as follows.
1.       Analysis of business listing in search engines, Apple, Bing, Yahoo, Google, and Yandex. The data retrieve from the SaaS platform.
2.       Link creation and ranking position of keywords.
3.       Mobile and desktop analysis of business.
4.       Content management and its Curation for better SEO results.
5.       Tracking, measurement, retrieving, analysis, and creating proper seo strategy.
6.       Analyzing the channels manually from where the conversions come from.
7.       Creating links relevant to business on high authority websites.

SaaS platforms are Streamline Bridge for local SEO – These platforms act as a Digital Divide between user and SEO professionals. Software as a service is a well-managed digital approach for digital marketing experts.

Let’s explore some benefits as well as differences of each technology.

Using SaaS for SEO
1.       Such platforms allow brand marketers to unify, authorize, and allocate any kind of business data and valuable information across vivid networks and directories.
2.       This also makes retrieving and syndication of data easy by various search engines, social networks, and directories; thus improve brand visibility along with improving organic search results.
3.       Due to the usability of revenue sharing agreements SaaS platforms update listings much faster with improved content. The paid inclusion programs from SaaS improve ranking for the Yelp, LOCAL but these programs are not supported or influence to major search engines like Google and Bing.

Let’s Explore the Benefits of SaaS for SEO

1.       Business listings are updated with required content.
2.    Ease towards publishing of social content.
3.    Ease of distribution of citation towards 100’s of directories.
4.    Ease to verify the latitude and longitude of particular location.
5.    Analysis of Citations done in easy manner.
6.    Review compilation becomes easy from vivid sources.

SaaS makes work easy by giving improved search rankings for particular business along with accurate information regarding any business, but manual SEO is still need in focus and the future of SEO always remain manual.
The giant Google always focus on the manual SEO work, no doubt some professionals use unwanted techniques, but Google Algorithm and its customer satisfied policies degrade the unwanted work in the SEO field.

Along with pushing data directly to channels, use of data base aggregators is the need of present and future. We are moving towards machine age, but human work always appreciated and required. For example smartphones, not automatically do everything, human always operate manually.

Machine Age (Technology) + Manual Work [SEO FUTURE]
Technology, no doubt improve the digital marketing making much easier, but human work still needs and always require, because of the thinking power the human has. How to measure, performance? how to analyze back links?, how to do quality work? All is done manually. Local Seo always need human work to improve the ROI.
Isn’t seo professional’s requiring to track and manage the Google analytics, Google webmaster, and keyword research criteria! If all things done with automation tools then what a human think! How human work? It means no doubt automation is rising but there is always need of human beings for all automation as well as manual seo work.

The Future of SEO
The giant Google keep updating itself from time to time, as the fact known that after Google Venice, and Google Pigeon, there are more updates coming in near future which makes Google smart and user friendly, but all things done by manually.
More update from Google means better ranking factors, better algorithms; users discover best results, along with a bright career in the field of SEO for every human being. Improved brand visibility of every business as giant search engine investing and providing better ranking and crawling behavior in near future.
NOTE – No automation technique like SaaS dominate completely itself, because change is necessary and it is part of life, the primary SEO elements always remain to impact organic ranking. Business brands employee a comprehensive proper strategy which includes –
1.    Improved ROI with high touched analysis and execution of local assets.
2.    Proper analysis is done on the paid search
3.    To maximize the organic search results, website structure content of page, and back links are managed and evaluate manually.

NO doubt complexities come because automation and manual seo flow together, but always follow comprehensive seo strategy.


1.    SaaS platform only work to save and retrieve data, what user wish to get while searching in search engines is all depends on the work done by digital Marketers.
2.    Legitimate seo strategies are unaffected by automation.
3.    SaaS platform is only like a rented apartment while manual seo is own home.
4.    Proper SEO Strategy is necessary to improve brand visibility and improving organic search rankings.
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