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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Relevancy is Important in SEO

Do you know about the word relevancy? It is how a thing is connected to another. In SEO relevancy plays an important role. How to rank a website? Relevancy helps to rank a website, this is the most important factor and it is also responsible to build brand image. Let’s take the example of Financial Business Website which provides insurance, loans, mortgages and all other things related to the finance.

The first question is how to do digital marketing for the finance business? Here is the following procedure, SEO for finance business website.

1.       Keyword Research - Research finance related keywords including generic keywords, geographic location keywords, sales keywords, informative keywords.

2.       On-Page Optimization - After keyword research, go with proper optimization of finance website which include – home page include 500 word content, while internal pages include minimum 300 words of content. Optimize the web content include h1, h2, h3, tags, include relevant keywords, look keyword density is 1 to 2 percent, optimize images, go with w3c validation, also look the creative and attractive website design structure, apply meta tags, titles, description, and keywords to every page from home page.

On-Page optimization for financial website is the same for other kind of websites. Take care of keyword prominence and proximity. Apply brain use artificial intelligence; means use keywords in such a manner that are more genuine and user friendly, put questions in content which help to easily searchable by search engine crawlers.

A good on-page optimized website definitely comes in top 50 of the SERP. Follow all the on-page optimization rules of the giant Google.

3.       Link building – Relevancy plays important role. Finance website, all links come from finance websites, search is the best theory.

Blog comments done only on the finance blogs, search guest blogs which accept finance related content, forums are searched on the finance, social bookmarking share unique finance content, Profile links are created which complete describe that you are financial need provider or consultant, Infographic clearly indicate your company’s goal regarding the finance, every seo technique clearly precise the finance related information, run question and answer series on question and answer websites.

Always keep in mind regarding relevancy, don’t build links on any website, and even don’t build links to those websites which are not related to finance.

4.       Social media

Best place to get millions of users, promote informative images, do viral marketing, here also understand and decide who is your customer, and up to what age. Like mainly business professionals enjoy finance related guidelines, target them. Relevancy also plays important role in the social; media. Go with viral marketing image posts.

5.       RUN PPC
Pay per click, costly, but here also relevancy comes in a major point, exclude negative keywords, go with positive keywords run ppc for only those keywords which give visitors to your business. Also, targeted location is selected from the options while running ppc. Don’t target finance business worldwide if services are limited to particular country.

So, relevancy plays important role in every business, whether diamond business, jewelry business, or business related to education, customers comes if businesses are done according to the business need. Think business is of food, is it a good idea to create link on finance website, NO. That is why relevancy plays important role. Search engine crawlers automatically detect what your business is and where you are creating links, even some times’ websites penalizes if wrong ways of digital marketing is done, so think before acting. Always keep in mind about relevancy as important factor to get business at top of SERP for targeted keywords.
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