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Monday, September 5, 2016

What is offpage optimization

What is OffPage Optimization?

Like on-Page which is related to Coding, off-page is a non-technical work. It means creating back links for a website according to the business relevancy. Such as if business website is of Education, back links are created only on the Education websites.

Here are Following Off-Page optimization techniques

1.       Website Audit
2.       Article creation and Submission
3.       Blog Creation and Submission
4.       Forum Discussions
5.       Forum Profile Links
6.       Blog Comments
7.       PDF  creation and Submissions
8.       Infographic submission
9.       Image sharing
10.   Creating local Ads
11.   Business listings
12.   Social bookmarking
13.   Directory Submission
14.   Micro  Blogging
15.   Search Engine Submissions
16.   Video Submissions
17.   Press Release creation and submission
18.   Question and Answers
19.   Creating social media Profile links
20.   Checking Broken Links

What Includes the Actual Off-Page (Off-Page Complete Study Guide)

1.       Maintaining the social media profiles – sharing posts to them, adding friends, chatting with them, liking their posts, and many more according to the feature of that social networking account. Example Facebook – millions of users from around the world are always remain online.

2.       Maintaining the image profiles of Albums created on image sharing websites, everyday sharing new images and liking other images.

3.       Posting comments and sharing new status provided by social media profiles. Blog comments are one of the best and unique way to get website at top of Google, but comments are generic related to the blog and business, link is applied in such a manner so it avoid the spamming.

4.       Creating healthy Forum discussion without spamming the Forum rules.  Huge traffic from Forums easily done, but maintaining the forum rules is at top priority other ban likely to be happen.

5.       Video submission and sharing it on social media profiles and on other profiles. Generating unique video titles, description and sharing them on vivid social networking websites boost traffic.

6.       Update, upgrade old blogs, articles – Write unique content of blog about more than 500 words, and while articles of more than 1000 words.

7.       Creating killer title and description, in any off page optimization technique research and then write a good title and description.

8.       Creating unique and search engine friendly content – search particular keyword, and look what you are getting on this keyword, according to the shown titles, and description write down to get results in SERP easily.

9.       Creating back links of high quality; Create back links on those websites which have high domain authority, high page authority, Improved Alexa Rank, overall SEO score is high.
10.   Content Curation is necessary – Think About IT!

11.   Internal linking is done in a manner to avoid link building scam, instead of providing too many links in article or blog, please provide only two links in the 600 work article, and do internal linking of one blog to another, but don’t go with Link Wheel.

12.   Research about the keywords from Reddit, StumbleUpon and other social bookmarking websites, stay updated every day on all social bookmarking websites to make your business page of high quality.

13.   Please don’t put URL of Article and Blog to the Google Fetch as, instead of it, better the URL of Article or Blog Automatically crawled. It is because to build Brand Visibility, time and tide waits for those who are eagerly waiting.

14.   Always keep eye on Google Webmaster and Google Analytics account, which helps to guide you about what more things require to improve your business. Google analytics gives you complete information about your visitors, while Google Webmaster gives you on which keyword what is your position of business.

15.   Write mini blog posts for you tube description.

16.   Embedded long tail keywords in title, also keep short tail keyword sin the content, the keyword density is about 1 to 2 percent.

17.   Use the help from Wikipedia regarding the keywords.

18.   More content more visible, making visitors more attractive to your business page, Home page of business include 400 words, and internal pages are of 300 words. Blog posts are of more than 1500 words if keep the visitors to scroll your website.

19.   Think of your own ideas, and put in the content, even in any technique, Search Engines love the   new and Fresh Content. Never every get the things copied from other.

20.   The best thing about the Off-Page SEO is what you think about business, and how to write regarding the business including keywords which are frequently searched.

There are millions of ideas come while writing, and these ideas are not only part to improve your business, but SEO professional must have; What Google do, use Artificial Intelligence, means it thinks, It shows user or visitor mentality.  SEO professional thinks like the Google for the business.
Want to become a good SEO professional, or a Good Digital Marketer? How? Think always, do the best things, Content is the KING,  Every off-Page Technique is about the Content, so write good informative under friendly content and get the Off-Page to improve any business brand visibility along with improving Sales of any Business.

We are in the new age of search engine optimization, changes are not only part of life, but changes are necessary to everything, same is the policy followed by the Giant Search Engine.

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