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Thursday, September 29, 2016

What is Possum Update

Digital Marketers Must Know This - Possum Update

Any update from giant search engine Google creates panic among business professionals. This means working of Google is truly inspired through the life. This September 2016 “Possum” from giant Google havoc many business professionals. Local seo affected from this 2nd biggest update from giant Google as the 1st was the pigeon in 2014 means business down after release of it.  The question is why ranking down after any update from Google? Answer is simple - This is because not following the rules and regulations of search engine.

What is Possum Update?

It diversifies the local results. It filtered the spam show the real work instead of showing fake. It detects Spam.

Possum Update Improve LOCAL SEO

1.       Improving Business Vale - From now with this update business located outside the city is easily searchable and has easily achievable organic ranking in SERP.

2.       Filtering Best results - Out of two businesses at same address or at same building in the same category this algorithm filtered the most relevant business of the same category.

3.       Physical Location is Important – If business located in Perth, then business in the Perth are given top priority in organic SERP as compare to the business outside the Perth, Google with smart brain.

4.       Keyword proximity and prominence – A small variation in the keyword results, different and unique organic results, earlier it was not possible.

5.       Local results become more independent as compare to the organic results.

No doubt any update from giant Google keep itself at top position in the market, but business owners always get panic from any update. It is also true if Google doesn’t provide any update what about the new business owners. As compare to the Chinese search engine, Google is far-far better that is why it remains at TOP.
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