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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Learn about Forum Discussions

What is a Forum?

It is a place on the Internet where online discussions done by the people. It is also called a message board. These are discussion websites where people can hold vivid conversations relevant to their queries in the form of messages. Some forums designed for fixed category, and some are of the mixed category. Like – if you are only searching for health forums you will get the forum which has discussions related to health. Even mixed forums are available also, where all kinds of discussions are available.

Forums Discussions Link building

How to search FORUMS?

1.       Open
2.       Use the following footprint “forums on keyword” such as how to find health related forums? Type in the Google – forums on health
3.       Get all relevant forums in the search engine
4.       This is the best method to search forums of any kind related to any business.

Do you know how many types of links you obtained from the Forums?

There are three types of links you or link builder or SEO professionals obtained from the forums –
1.       Forum profile links
2.       Links through forum signature
3.       Links from a forum discussion
Before that, you should complete the forum registration process, here we go -
1.       Forums researched through search engines
2.       Open forum in new tab
3.       Sign up or registration option is there – click there
4.       Agree terms
5.       Fill complete forum details including – username, first –last name, email, password, DOB, Age, Sex, Why Join, web URL, short bio, and finally apply the captcha details shown in the image.
6.       Submit the forum
7.       Verification link is sent to your email applied during the forum
8.       Verify the forum link from receiving email
9.       Now login to the applied forum.
10.   After login visit to the user control panel of the forum, where you should fill the complete profile details such as web URLs and Bio if not provided during registration. Due to huge forum spams, Bio and Homepage URL provided after forum registration.
11.   Even signature also provided after the complete forums registration and its verification.

First step after forum registration

1.       Introduce yourself, there is a thread where the new forum members introduce themselves who are they and why they register to that forum

Things to take care while completing forum profile after registration

1.       Genuine information provided during the registration, so profile looks real; For example – forum related to health and fitness – In the bio you should write – “I am James Bond, working as a health trainer. I have my fitness and exercise club, daily I do yoga, and also provide health and fitness tips to people who are looking for”.

2.        What is included in the Introduction thread?

Under this genuine information proposed so the profile looks real – we would like to say that for every business introduction is all about what you are!

Getting Forum Profile links

After completing forum registration, go to the forum homepage, below last live online members’ option available; there is your username available, click on it to a new tab, save the URL, open it in a new browser; if your public profile is visible to the new browser, you discover that your forum profile link is live.

How to get the live Forum Signature link?

After forum login, visit the user control panel, fill the signature option with URL, and view your forum profile. Open the forum profile URL in a new browser, if the back-link is live you will get the live forum signature

Importance of Forum signature

While the discussion in the forum on a particular thread, the forum post offers an option to attach the signature the post or avoid the signature! It means for every forum posts the signature automatically attached to it, but an option is provided to attach the link to the post or not.

How to discover the forum link through Discussion?

1.       After registration there are various threads in the forum where the discussion takes place, select the appropriate thread and select the appropriate post to have no reply’s or one reply, post your message in such a manner so it looks like the genuine message. Provide a link in such a way that it complete the sentence and the information.

Take the following points while the forum link building

1.       Do not provide a link to anchor text in first, two, or three posts.
2.       Build a good authority of your forum profile by visiting every day and providing genuine solutions to the posts.
3.       If posts are greater than 20 or 30, then and then only create links with anchor text.
4.       There are forums which give links on the first post, search them.
5.       The message to the discussion board should convey an accurate and genuine message for readers.

Benefits of Forum discussions

1.       High quality links obtained from the forums.
2.       Do follow links obtained from the forums.
3.       Website keyword search engine ranking improves.
4.       Generate genuinely and huge traffic to the business website.
5.       It is the best link building method.


The forum discussion is one of the best and unique method to build trusted and high authority profile, which generate trust and high quality of link which easily generate huge and genuine traffic to the website, thus increasing website search engine visibility according to the targeted keywords.

Learn about Social Bookmarking

Complete Social Bookmarking Guide

What is a social bookmarking?

It is a user defined taxonomy technique or system to save bookmarks. Sometimes such taxonomy is also called a folksonomy= (fox+taxonomy) or collaborative tagging, social tagging, and social indexing. Tags are generally called bookmarks. The bookmarking was done to save open websites in the browser, so in the near future; such websites are easily remembered and operatable.
Generally, people use bookmarks to store, manage, and search the web pages link. In a simple way, bookmarking is developed and designed to save links of web pages for future reference. There are many social bookmarking websites which are used to save the web pages which are publicly visible.

Learn Social bookmarking

How to do social bookmarking?

1.       open
2.       search social bookmarking websites
3.       Huge list is shown by vivid websites
4.       Select best social bookmarking websites having high domain authority and high page authority, for example – Reddit, Delicious, Sociopost and much more.
5.       Open Reddit
6.       Signup for registration – put email, username, and password
7.       Verification mail sends to your email provided for during registration
8.       Verify the social bookmarking account
9.       Login with username and password to bookmarking account.
10.   After registration – search “Submit Link” (There is the option of it in every bookmarking website)
11.   Copy and paste the URL to save for future references  to the space provided
12.   It automatically detects the title, description,  and tags of the saved link, but you can also change according to your requirement
13.   Better to write your own description and title with unique tags.
14.   After filling title, description, tags or keywords, verify the captcha option so that you are human not a robot.
15.   Click to submit button.
16.   Your bookmark is saved
17.   Sometimes bookmarks are under unpublished mode, but visible after verification done by the website author.
18.   YOUR SOCIAL BOOKMARK SAVED AND LIVE; Visible to your profile.

Why social bookmarking is important?

1.       To save and remember the websites for future reference.

Benefits of doing social bookmarking

1.       Extra Opportunity: Social bookmarking websites improve the website URL visibility in the search engines.
2.       Improve website ranking for the targeted keywords
3.       Drive quality traffic to the website, if listed on the social bookmarking website.
4.       Best types of visitors have discovered from social bookmarking websites – viral traffic.
5.       Social bookmarking websites offer do follow links as well as some websites offer no follow links.
6.       Online website promotion did easily: It is the simplest off page SEO technique followed by every SEO professional

 The Present and Future of social bookmarking

No doubt, social bookmarking improves traffic to the website, improve visitors, and boost website promotion, but how effectively use bookmarks so website always remain of these social bookmarking websites. This is because of large bookmarking submissions to a website some websites follow strict rules for the bookmarking, like Reddit, and banned a user; remove the link instantly after registration. In that case, what to do to get rid of the ban by the authors of the social bookmarking website?

How to get rid of the instant ban from social bookmarking websites?

1.       Like and vote on other bookmarks
2.       Comment on other bookmarks
3.       Create groups
4.       Add friends
5.       Create Unique title
6.       Create unique description
7.       Informative information shared via social bookmarks
8.       Appropriate keywords applies to the tags option
9.       After bookmarking is done, always visit website in one or two days
10.   Improve your social bookmarking profile authority
11.   Not only save web pages, but also save Articles , and blogs from SEO perspective
12.   Share your bookmarking profile, on social media platforms, invite users from vivid platform to like and vote on your bookmarks.
13.   Start a conversation with other users via ,messaging

Social Bookmarking changed a lot!

It is not the same process as what SEO professionals do, JUST COPY AND PASTE the content, if you are using the old copy and paste mechanism of the same content to multiple social bookmarking websites, please avoid it as it counts in spam, Google algorithms are smarter day by day, means ease to penalize your business website.
Though social bookmarking is the best way to improve search engine visibility of the website, but save accurate an informative unique content via social bookmarking.


1.       Go with original and unique content for every single social bookmarking website.
2.       Make your Profile Strong - Use all features and functionalities of the social bookmarking websites


Social bookmarking is the best mechanism or SEO off page technique to boost the ranking of a website for the targeted keyword, but use all its features and functionality to make it evergreen technology in the field of SEO.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Learn about Blog Commenting

How to do Blog Commenting?

What is Blog Commenting?

The blog comment is one of the best SEO off page technique of link building. The blog commenting is the essential interaction procedure or the way between blogger, visitor, and the blogs. It is the best place where reader post comments if they like any blog, and ask questions if they need more helpful information. It is the best reader’s choice, where blogger directly interacted with the reader.

Learn Blog Commenting

Why do we go for blog commenting?

1.       Reader love to read someone’s blog, if he or she liked then they love to put comments about the information on the blog.
2.       Readers ask queries and supplementary information if they have any and required related to the topic to the blog. The blogger delivers a relevant answer to the question asked by the readers.
3.       The SEO HYPE – Blog commenting is one of the best SEO technique to build quality links for any business website.
4.       Improve knowledge sharing, communication, and interaction among readers, bloggers, and vivid blogs.
5.       Comments to the blog, keep the post updated in the eyes of the search engine crawlers.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

1.       Improves the blog value and its importance among SEO process. Improve domain authority and page authority of the blog, because visitors love to visit again and again to that blog.
2.       Getting user-generated content to the blog. Search engine visibility of the blog increases.
3.       Readers love to read and visit again and again to the same blog because of sensible and relevant comments.
4.       Readers ask questions through the blog and get relevant replies from the author.
5.       For SEO perspective, blog commenting is the effective channel for the information exchange around the web.
6.       It is the backbone of the modern websites.

Blog commenting system

1.       Here are some blogging platforms – Wordpress, Typepad, Blogger, Discus, Intense base and much more.
2.       Blog commenting gives you two kinds of links – do-follow links, and No-follow links.

The question arises, How to do blog commenting from SEO point of view.
1.       Search for the relevant blog related to the business website.
2.       Comment to the blog is genuine, informative, interesting, and it is not like someone is spamming to the website.
3.       Get a link from the comment in such a form that is always showing and look real.
4.       Don’t copy paste comment from another website.

How to do blog Commenting?

It is a very important question and asked by millions, so SEO learners around the world need practical training, but we at UDMIDEAS guides you in a well fashioned way about how to do blog comments. Here is the complete procedure.
USE footprints to find the blog comments
1.       Keyword “2 comments” “2017” “powered by blogger”
2.       Keyword “2 comments” “2017” “powered by disqus”
3. “keywords”
4. inurl:blog “post a comment” –“comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “keyword”
5. “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in” -”comments are closed”
6. “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in” -”comments are closed”
7.       inurl:(edu|gov) “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in” -”comments are closed”
8. inurl:blog “comment” -”you must be logged in” -”posting closed” -”comment closed”
9.       "keyword" blog
10.   keyword +inurl:blog
12. inurl:wp-login.php +blog
13. inurl:wp-login.php +blog
14. inurl:”wp-admin” +login
15. inurl:blog “post a comment”
16.   Keyword  "This blog uses premium CommentLuv" -"The version of CommentLuv on this site is no longer supported."
17.   Keyword  "Notify me of follow-up comments?" "Submit the word you see below:"
18.   Keyword "if you have a website, link to it here" "post a new comment"
19.   web design  "Enter YourName@YourKeywords"
20.   web design  "get livefyre" "comment help" -"Comments have been disabled for this post"

For more foot prints AND SEO RELATED GUIDE contact via Facebook -

SEO HYPE - Actual procedure to do Blog Comments – SEO is not dead
1.       Open the browser
2.       Go to
3.       Type – digital marketing “2 comments” “2016” “powered by blogger”
4.       Enter
5.       Discover all blogs through search engine
6.       Highlight BlogSpot using ctrl+f – search “BlogSpot”
7.       Don’t comment on those search results which have BlogSpot in their domain
8.       Now blogs discovered
9.       Comments are valuable and informative
10.   Never go with following comments – “nice information” “I like this blog” instead of such comments read complete blog and put some valuable informative content in genuine form

Do you know how to find the Do-follow blog comments?

Hover mouse over the link, and select the link, right click – go to inspect element – there you will see that (rel link=”dofollow”)

Actual process to ding the do-follow blog comments

Visit blogs and search for those blog websites which deliver do follow links

Importance of do-follow links

Link juice is passed to the created link; improve website authority as well as website visibility in search engines – Thus results in the increase in the search engine ranking of keywords.

Which is better do-follow or the no-follow back links?

Both are necessary; link building for a website has both kind of back-links – Google Guidelines
Follow following % while creating backlinks
1.       Backlinks created on the keywords which are of 25%.
2.       Brand name + keywords = 25%
3.       Keywords + brand name = 25%
4.       Apply some keywords before or after the actual keyword = 25%
For example
Keyword – SEO Company
Brand name – UDMIDEAS
Create links in the following tactic
1.       SEO Company
2.       UDMIDEAS SEO Company
3.       SEO Company UDMIDEAS
4.       Best SEO company/ SEO company in Pilani/Best SEO company in Pilani


Blog comments are important, some think blog comments are counted in spam, we at UDMIDEAS think that good quality backlinks not only improve website visibility but also helps to reach a better ranking of keywords. 


Do you Think Blog commenting will not continue after 2 years?
Do you think that SEO is DEAD and There is No Future of SEO?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Learn SEO – Sitemap Creation

SITEMAPS - Learn about sitemaps

Sitemaps! Is it necessary to a website? What are the sitemaps? How to create the sitemaps? What are the benefits of sitemaps? Is there any correlation of sitemaps between Onpage and off page? What happens if a website doesn’t have a sitemap? For all these questions you are at right place to discover your answers.

What is a Sitemap?
It is a page or document which includes URL of all the pages in the website. It helps access or crawls all the pages of the website. All URL’s are hierarchically organized in a well-fashioned manner.

How many sitemaps are there?
4 types of Sitemaps
1.    XML Sitemaps
·         Google guidelines for XML Sitemaps
·         A sitemap can contain only 50,000 URL’s
·         Size of file should be less than 50mb
·         If sitemaps contain more than 50000 URL, then break sitemaps into several sitemaps using Sitemap Index File
·         For example –
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <sitemapindex xmlns="">
·         It is obvious that sitemap automatically crawled or indexed by the Google
·         www or non-www website, sitemap automatically detected by the Google
·         Sitemap must contain - xmlns= namespace.

How to create a sitemap manually?
Here is the example to create manual sitemap!

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<urlset xmlns=”″>

READ - Do you Know What is ORM?

2.    ROR Sitemaps
·         ROR stands for the resources of resources
·         ROR information is stored in the feed ror.xml
·         ROR is used to store descriptive information about website
·         Descriptive information includes Price, Pages, product, currency, availability, kind, etc.


<Resource rdf:about=”web-hosting”>
    <title>Website Development</title>
    <resourceOf rdf:resource=”products”/>

3.    HTML Sitemaps
·         HTML sitemaps make website user-friendly
·         All pages of websites arranged according to topic through HTLMML page
·         HTML sitemaps are generated with the help of third party tools

4.    URLLIST Sitemaps
·         It is comfortable for the Yahoo search engine
·         Saved through urllist.txt
·         It is located in the root directory

What is the format of sitemap?
·         Sitemap.xml
·         Sitemap.html
·         Sitemap.ror
·         urllist.txt

How to find whether a website has a sitemap or not?
After home page URL of the website
type – sitemap.xml, sitemap.ror, sitemap.ror, urllist.txt

Why website need sitemap?
·         Sitemaps make crawlers find all website information in single page.
·         How frequency of web pages change
·         It makes flash and non-html websites searchable easily by the crawlers
·         Sitemaps replace the older mechanism to submit web pages manually through the forum

Final Tree of Sitemap
·         XML Sitemap
§  Index Sitemap
·         URL Sitemap
§  Sitemaps for Webpages
§  Sitemaps for Images
§  Sitemaps for videos
·         HTML Sitemaps

How to generate Sitemaps? Is there any tool to generate Sitemap?
Here is the sitemap generation tool –
Only 50,000 web pages are discovered by this tool

What about the website sitemap if have more than 50,000 web pages?
Break sitemaps into several sitemaps.

Do you know about the requirements for the Video sitemaps?
Here is the following information need for generating video sitemaps
·         Required title
·         Well versed description
·         URL of the video play page
·         URL of the thumbnail
·         It is necessary to have the raw video URL

Video sitemap Tags are as Follows-


Sitemaps are the important part of any website, so use tools to create a sitemap, because sitemaps help to make a website easily searchable by the search engine crawlers. It also improves the better ranking of the website. It is one of the most important Onpage optimization part.

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