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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Advance Link Building Techniques

How to Rank a Website 


Advance Link Building Techniques

Advance link building techniques means how Google works? If anyone understands the working of Google he or she easily attain ranking at the top of the search engine result process. Link builders or SEO professionals still using old link building techniques like creating content, guest posting, blog comments, press release, social bookmarking, Infographic, and many more. The question, if we don’t use these techniques, what we can do? Think out of the BOX! Understand the working of Giant Google. You listen many times, a person start SEO firm and get all keyword ranks at the top of the Google. How? He or she also used the same link building techniques, but he or she knows how search engine works.

Think how to rank a keyword in the Google? Is there any way without link building to get keyword rank in search engine? No! Link building is all what makes a keyword at the top of search engine. Still thinking! What is all about this content? We researched a lot and here are some advance link building techniques generated and researched from the old search engine ranking techniques.

1.      Search for the Popular, linked to content and Replicate it in any Niche

Content is the king, how to find unique content for any business? How to find the best websites for link building? As we all know social shares are far apart too counted in link building, but these social websites have unique and original content. The content on these websites in the form of comments stated by millions of users around the world, but difficult to extract them. The competitor analysis only provides back links of your competitor. Links corresponds to getting people to talk.

What we do to extract the content as there are billions of websites? Search best blogging websites. Use paid and free SEO tools to extract all their backlinks. Now select those articles and blogs which have more comments by users. The comments on those articles are fresh, unique, genuine gives you to extract keywords from them as well as write what people searching for. The comments represent the mentality of people, Google crawlers fond to love such mentality. This in not as simple as what we think. It is difficult and only big SEO professionals or companies liable to manage.

For example, copy blogger is the best blogging website, users are always here. You will find genuine and unique comments, research them, analyze them, study them, and write unique content or what people love to read.

Use Facebook and Twitter to find original content on a particular topic, find user reviews, ideology, and write unique content.

2.      Search for Private Networks and Link building opportunities

Here comes the competitor analysis, which we all know. Sometimes it happens that there is somehow we didn’t get any single link from our competitor, but still the competitor website ranked at the top of the SERP, HOW? This is because the competitor taken back links from paid websites. They must use advance link building techniques – link building done through the phone number or through business address.
Select the competitor’s business address, and search in the Google. You will get the results what you want to require improving your business.

3.      Use Vivid Footprints for regular link finding queries

USE “AROUND(Number)” a Google Search Operator
Example – submit AROUND(5) guest post inurl:gold (Gold related websites are shown)
For blog comments use DROPMYLINK tool, there you discover more footprints and best websites for link building.

4.      Finding Websites – Reverse Analysis

Use high quality of social bookmarking websites; even use Flippa to get high quality websites for link building, Slashdot, Reddit, and many more.

5.      Why not Create PRIVATE database of Proven Promoters

Search social media profiles, which are regular persons, and have good authority of their profile, have more tweets, followers, and likes friends – contact them to promote your business ideas through their profile.
It takes time; try them through the mail also if directly they are not responding.
Social media promoter’s doesn’t build links, but promoting a single content builds strong authority to your business website. Such content boost website brand visibility.

6.      Find promotion opportunities through social bookmarking websites

Social bookmarking is not only to submit a URL and get links after submitting title, keywords, and description. Build strong social bookmarking ideology. For example, REDDIT, how to use reddit? Register to reddit, don’t create back link in first go. Create informative posts which loved by Redditers, make profile strong there, update every day with new content, build strong authority, then go with back link creation after 20 to 30 posts.

7.      Use Linkerati like websites. It was coined by the’s Rand Fishkin.

8.      Maps are new ideology to build Infographic.

9.      Approach to Wikihow link builders and Wiki website link builders, even post content to the Forbes and websites like this, search there and follow the procedure to get links from them.

10.  Literally search and find those websites which sell links, but are of high quality.

11.  Pick up links from top website’s niche.

Link building is not dead, but changes a lot, and for that think out of the box, there are professionals who love your content and provide your business boost through high quality links, but more you search, more you apply brain, easily you will get links and boost your business brand visibility through the same old techniques.

Hire a good SEO professional who knows how to use the old techniques in new manner, because old is gold, Goggle changed a lot, looking to search best throughout web with the help of web crawlers. Advance link building techniques are total manual work, even SEO tools are helpful to find back links and from them finding a good resourceful generic content and then sharing with visitors what they like.

If you use advance link building techniques, ranking easily comes as what these techniques rebuild to get rank. Google is using Artificial Intelligence, but we have only to use a little brain and let the artificial brain to think about what we are providing it to learn and earn.


Old seo techniques are still in the use, but how to use them is changed a lot, that is why think and act smart because Google love those who provide the best ideology for business improvement.

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