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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Marketing of an Educational APP

Case Study 

How marketing is done for a school management app

This is the true story of an educational institute management app which is now very famous in all Indian Schools name myly; started digital marketing trough Schoola2z in 2015, and changed to mylyapp at the end of 2015.


Initially a proper SEO strategy is created for schoola2z including following things.

1.       Keyword research is done for the educational app SchoolA2Z; keywords searched through the Google keyword planner, following keywords researched – school app, school management app, school apps, apps for school, school parent app, parent teacher communication app, school mobile app according their searches and targeted location.

2.       Targeted location is India; keywords must rank for Jaipur location initially.

3.       On-page done for the schoola2z, applied Meta tags, and created description text of 150 characters separately for each page. Content optimized, include keywords in the content of website with separate pages. Put blogs, hire a good content writer, weekly one blog posted to the website, so website remains updated all the time and crawlers get new content when they visit.

Generate Sitemaps, applied robots.txt

Created video, shared to the YouTube channel, links given to the website.

More than 200 Google rules followed for the on page optimization of the SchoolA2Z.

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4.       Social Media – Profiles created – Twitter, Google plus, Pininterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
Separate logos and banners applied with the help of designer according to the size required by social media profiles.

Every day single post created; ideas generated with the help of designers and marketers to boost social media profile visibility and attract visitors related to the educational background.

On Facebook – school and education related groups joined, posts shared manually, per day 8 to 10 Facebook educational groups used to share the routine social media post to attract visitors around the Facebook through the groups. Messages are also sent directly to the schools without violating the Facebook rules.

Twitter – Posts shared with the use of hashtags, like other posts, sent messages directly to schools after searching them through twitter.

Google Plus – communities related to school and education are joined, and posts shared, hang outs are created to send messages to schools regarding school app.

LinkedIn – Educational institutes and educational professional groups joined, share the posts in such a manner to avoid spam.

Pinterests, boards are created according to the school app functionality. Educational boards are joined, share posts to them. Send messages directly to the visitors.

Social media marketing is done manually to avoid spam, which follows all social media account rules.

Images are created in such a way so the images show exact information about the business.

5.       SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Natural link building started with the following techniques
1. Blog comments
2. Forum Profile links and discussions
3. Profile links
4. Micro blogging
5. Image sharing
6. Local Ads
7. Article submission
8. Business listing
9. Blog creation and submission
10. Press Release
11. Infographic
12. Q and Answer
13. PDF creation and sharing
14. Competitor Analysis

And many more

The concept of link building includes 70% links include brand+keywords while 30% links are created on exact keywords.

Only the manual link building done.


After an on-page website easily comes in top 50 for the targeted keywords.
Rest work done with the help of link building, website comes on top in three months for targeted keywords.

A Big scenario Happens

Domain name changed from schoola2z to mylyapp, the website also changed, developed from the designer, a new h website is all in front.

Problem weather ranking down or not!

SEO View – Ranking fluctuate a little what to do? Or Ranking may Down, but as an experienced professional, it is sure that ranking will not down, only little fluctuation happens.

Applied 301 permanent redirect, SchoolA2Z permanently redirects to the mylyapp new website.
All url’s of SchoolA2Z redirected to the mylyapp new URL’s


Ranking show little fluaction, but ranking get better after the new Domain name.

The New Requirement Comes

To get “myly” keyword on top of the Goggle
Work done with link building, on-page done, content created, and in one month with proper digital marketing strategy myly keyword ROCKS at the top of the Google, along with new targeted keywords.

Again, new keyword comes to targeting. Keywords related to the fee management. A separate page created, keywords searched and applied, work done in an organic manner, rocks the keyword Fees app, Fe App, Fees management app on top of the Google in India.

Final Result – Keywords are Still Ranking, work is Still Going.Search mylyapp and its keywords myly educational Management app ROCKS


If done good quality of work for any business with a whole heart, results easily comes, along with maintaining the brand visibility. Google Look always for a good quality work and support the business owners. The giant Google’s top priority is to support the business and improve business brand visibility, so for all SEO Professionals high quality work done, no doubt search engine always favors.

This is all about how to get any educational institute management app on the top of the Google.
Location: India


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