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Monday, October 17, 2016

Raise Your SEO Click Through Rate

Improve Visitors to your website - 11 proven ways to raise your SEO Click Through Rate

How to look how many clicks does your business website get? The clicks on a website or the click through rate easily discoverable through the Google analytics and webmaster account. The question is how to improve the visitors to the website which thus improve or raise the click through rate? The organic click-through rate would increase your SEO rankings. It means increasing your business CTR to 2x will increase your conversion rate up to 50%.

Here is the guide to boost your business website organic click through rates –

1.       Identify your lowest CTR content through Google analytics console. From search analysis to the Google webmaster you should find or discover the clicks, impressions, CTR, and position. Plot graph organic search CTR VS Organic ranking in excel sheet. Find out the keywords for the lower rankings. Work on them using SEO techniques and see the improved results.

2.       Avoid those keywords which don't inspire high CTR. Dump heavy keyword title formats.

3.       Go with the emotional keywords, which dramatically improve CTR, for example – Love, Joy, Interest, Fear, Terror, Anticipation, Survival, life, Admiration, trust and much more.

4.       Headline should include the news- good or bad, Attractive heading, think about the similes.

5.       DO you know the number of the title of heading should increase CTR up to 35%.

6.       All in one is what the headline needs. Headline must include the proper format, emotional visibility, type of content and subject of the content.

7.       To improve clicks add power words to the description – use words in the description these are – secret, discover, huge, premium, free, instant, powerful, thrilled, simple, easy, and many  more.

8.       Always go with the well-structured URL which contains keywords. Descriptive URL get 25% more clicks as compare to the generic URL.

9.       Always go with the different titles instead of going with one single title.

10.   While doing PPC ads, use additional attractive headlines to grab user attraction.

11.   Always research the content for title, description, and content from social media websites. There you should get the new and original as well as natural content from millions of users.


Doing seo, smo, ppc – content is the king, visitors love and attracted towards the most attractive heading, so always design the creative content and write content in the general form taking what people wish to look for and what people always love to read. Keep researching, an old is gold, make old article or content into new one by giving it a new scope of information through attractive headline and informative user friendly content and adding personal views. Informative content easily searchable by the search engines, means automatically boost CTR.
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