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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Real Time Penguin 4.0 Change SEO

How the Real-Time Penguin 4.0 Changes SEO?

Google’s policy clearly indicates from the roll out of real time penguin 4.0 that the search results are more users friendly and precise to offer spam free informative web sites. IN this blog we will discuss about the past, present and future of penguin algorithm update.

Real time penguin 4.0 designed and developed to combat the link spam. It means new websites are devoid of being to get in search results, if they un-follow penguin 4.0 algorithm in real time.

Let’s discuss in brief the journey of penguin 1.0 to penguin 4.0 –

Penguin 1.0-3x
People generally asked about what are penalties comes from the penguin, they avoid what a penguin is.

Rollout of penguin 1.0 to 3.x

Gone are the days where Google collects the bunch of information and rollout the penguin. During rollout time penalties from penguin applied to the bunch of websites.

Initial penguin algorithm rollout was a slow process; the penalties applied to business websites from penguin takes a lot of time to penalize the spammy websites. After a website being hit by penguin, then it will take 6 more months to recover from penguin penalties. It results in the slow business process, means slowness from the giant Google’s side.

@Penalty from penguin rollout
@link removal
@ Reconsideration
@ wait… wait.. wait…

Penguin Penalizes – Like Panda algorithm which effects small portion of the website, Old is careless, penguin would hit entire website in one go.

What Old Penguin Say "NO, NO, NO, your website had spammy pages, I would bury your whole domain. Every page of your business space is penalized, and it doesn’t get rank well in near future” Those penalties are very-very tough and it was not easy for the penalized websites to get rid from penalty, because whole domain was penalized.

Old penguin, there was no reconsideration facility form the Google. The past scenario of removal of penguin penalties was totally done manually. Link removal was manually done, website owners demanded money for link removal, and so on. Google said it was bad enough, please don’t pay. What business owners do? Sometimes they pay to get the link removal form unwanted websites. Created links and then disallowed them through Google reports. Sending links to Google it takes time, and sometimes it was done manually to remove penalties. It was enough Google says, Google also wish to offer fast customer services, but at that time technology was not so fast.

Do you know Penguin 1.0 to 3.x was designed to remove the impact of link spam in search results? We think that Google was developing itself during that time that is why for creating well-crafted search engine algorithm, it takes time; another theory at that time, according to the MOZ bloggers was the Google filter sufficient information and then applies the algorithms like Penguin to remove bad links. The truth is whatever may be the present Google scenario changed a lot, like WATSON which is capable of doing the calculation itself. ON that basis, we would researched that Google was unable to discover what exactly the visitors requirement, but now the giant search engine becomes extra smart and with the real time Penguin 4.0 boost to improve the search engine visibility. The fact of history to present status Google was the smartness which comes with respect to time.


If your website has sketchy links, after submitting website to Google it automatically get effected by real time penguin 4.0; suppose you submit your website today, Google crawlers crawl your website, indexed it and tomorrow your business get a Penguin penalty as what the reality of this algorithm.
The real time penguin doesn’t penalize the domain; it affects only those parts of websites which has sketchy links, only some portion. It was also discussed between Google representative and folks that this real time penguin still requires disavow links and the complete reconsideration process.

TIPS to get rid from Real time Penguin 4.0

1.       Hire best Seo Professionals, who knows all things related to the Google search engine algorithm
2.       Business website design structure is well crafted
3.       Unique and informative content on a website which is not copied from elsewhere
4.       Go with little link building, but of high quality, like in one hour seo professional should create 3 to 4 links, and take care of the link velocity; Seo professionals follow all the link building rules.
5.       Class optimization is done by following Google’s more than 200 on page optimization rules
6.       Google using smart Artificial Intelligence, so webs content follows the Artificial Intelligence


The penguin 4.0 algorithm is smart enough, offering real time penalty is what not expected by anyone, so take care of your online business websites by following Giant search engine rules and regulations that there was no penguin 4.0 effects, after all go with the complete seo process and web design concepts with seo professionals before getting your business website live. 

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