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Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Four Future Pillars of SEO


Is SEO dead? This question firmly asked by every SEO professional. The truth about  search engine optimization is it store so many things for us. We researched the latest trends to explain the future direction of SEO industry.

SEO has a long  history stated from direct URL link building to on-page optimization. Later shifted with unique and relevant content according to the business. Our researchers from popular search engine blogs and we noticed the following things about SEO-

1.     The search engine optimization, improving more inclusive strategy to improve business.
2.     New ways of link building and content marketing are coming.
3.     Artificial intelligence along with SaaS platforms, providing more user friendly results.
4.     SEO reduces the truck load of keywords, changing to improve brand visibility of the business.
5.     Gone are the days only single technique counted, but now all techniques are of equal weightage including content optimization, link building, business design, email marketing, PPC, social media.
6.     The return of investment is the total outcome of the present and the future SEO scenario.

Let's see what are the future pillars of SEO

1.        RankBrain Comes My Dear

The third-most important search engine ranking feature in the giant Google algorithm. It is fact that RankBrain is also most misunderstood Google algorithm.

What is RankBrain Algorithm?

It is a machine learning artificial intelligence system. It is one of the Google’s algorithm to improve search engine result process and provide relevant and precise information for user queries.

Working of RankBrain

RankBrain algorithm thinks; It looks a word or phrase, if it doesn't know about it, the machine guesses similar words, according to the searched word or phrase have similar meaning filters the desired results. Use of this Google search engine results changed a lot.

If same word or phrase is searched in Australia and US, results will be different because of the RankBrain intelligence; the results differ due to the different measurements of different countries by RankBrain.

Overall RankBain is capable to learn and recognize the new patterns and we all know how results are shown in the SERP. The google engineers guessed correctly 70% of the time RankBrain give 80% success rate. The RankBrain knowledge is improving.

Facts and Researchers Output

1.       RankBrain doesn’t impact Link profiles, content quality, or on-page optimization or click-through rate; RankBrain algorithm only interprets the search queries better by analyzing the queries with better page content.
2.       Google is doing better with less human intervention. SEO professionals look the search queries time for different queries.

The New Age SEO – The Future is Bright

RanBrain doing what Google needs. It is the future, RankBrain with respect to time becomes more advanced. What do you do to get rid from RankBrain? Nothing!
One thing you do, that is, improving the business website thinking ability, include best queries, questions, keywords for  those users generally searches, for any business website design with a unique idea, unique fresh content, and make it thinkable.

2.       Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

What is AMP?
It is a Google Backend Project. The main aim is to speed the content delivery to the user. It uses the AMP HTML code.

AMP existence
This update from Google comes into existence in February 2016. Google integrated AMP results in its search results through “Top Stories”. After six months AMP results displayed in the organic search engine results.

Mobile users getting different results from  desktop users due to the AMP pages. The Giant Google has more than 150 million indexed AMP documents.
Users hardly know about Accelerated Mobile pages, but it is necessary and Take care of your websites AMP as it boosts business visibility.

It means Google is improving itself, AMP pages in search results, means Google dominates itself in the world of Smart Phones, because Smartphone users rising as compare to those who are using desktop. AMP increases Google’s mobile-centric world.

3.       The Knowledge Graph (May 16, 2012)

This algorithm from google aims to organize the world information and make information accessible universally.
It is a knowledge base to enhance the search engine results with semantic search. The information is gathered from a variety of sources (Wikidata, Wikipedia, Factbook).
The Knowledge Graph Format –
1.       Knowledge panel displayed on the right of SERP
2.       The answer box displayed on the top of organic results.

Research is going from Google engineers, that is why Google recently increased team of profession as providing the best search results to users around the globe. We are increasingly looking through our research to let all professionals and students discover more about the Giant Google.

4.       Real Big Things Comes – Real Time, Integrated Penalty Filters (Penguin 4.0)

All business professionals afraid from any release from Google, but now It is a real time release – Penguin 4.0. After long time of two years Penguin is now a real time signal processed algorithm integrated with the Google’s search algorithm.
Do you Know?  A few months later Google wish to integrate Panda into their main algorithm, but not happen.

Real time penguin, real time Panda, if happens then no doubt spam filtering becomes easy and user friendly results are displayed.


It is concluded from above ideas, machine learning is the top priority for Google. Google wish to improve connections, patterns, semantics, and user experience in the coming time. More advance Google is looked by every professional.

Google working every second getting every update in real time is what Google main concern with artificial intelligence.

The future of SEO is bright and improving, SEO is not limited, but improving it with the complete Digital Marketing concept.
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