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Monday, October 3, 2016

Why Business Owners Use Digital Marketing Services

Small, Medium and Big Business Owners Use Digital Marketing for their Business 


The business owners comprises of small, medium and big business professionals. Every business owner keen and interested to grow his or her business. Gone are the days where traditional marketing is the only scope to grow the business. The rise of search engines and Digital Marketing help business owners to stand from other business even compete with same business in a much better way. The digital marketing comprises of search engine marketing, social media marketing and pay per click advertisements along with the video marketing and TV advertisements. The business owners select appropriate technology to boost their business in particular targeted location or around the world. The digital marketing is not limited to small business owners, but big and medium business grows productivity and improve their Return of investment, according to the budget in a much better way along with the traditional marketing.

Let’s explore Why Business Owners Use Digital Marketing Services!

First Avoid These digital marketing Myths to use complete digital marketing solutions in an effective manner

1.    Digital marketing is only for small business
2.    Results are instant
3.    More traffic to website means more money
4.    Email marketing is spam
5.    Our business must be on every social media platform

Secondly, Business owners should know Digital marketing Statics

1.    60% of Small business owners’ top concern is to find new customers.
2.    10% of B2B product sales closed directly through the Internet, example famous websites ebay, and amazon.
3.    70% people reach for a company before researching about them on the internet.
4.    20% small business owners love to prefer SEO.
5.    Big business company as well as small business company top concern to provide best customer services, thus improve revenue growth.
6.    30% want to stay updated with advance technology

Which is Better SEO, SMO, or PPC?

1.    90% small business owners say they would love to prefer to invest in the social media for marketing of their business.
2.    30% small business owners invest in the social media
3.    25% investing in online marketing
4.    20% are investing in SEO
5.    30% investing in email marketing
6.    50% small business owners also prefer software platform for their business marketing.

Which is the best marketing tools for the small business owners

1.    54% prefer email marketing
2.    50% prefer website
3.    50% love social media
4.    60% prefer their business website should be responsive.

Real Facts of Digital Marketing

1.    Out of 10 small business owners, 9 invested in the vivid marketing strategy
2.    Out of 5, only 4 small businesses use the digital marketing strategy for their business
3.    50% still don’t have a website, prefer traditional marketing
4.    50% small business spent only $300 through digital marketing for their business
5.    40% plan to increase their digital marketing strategy in next 12 months

This is the complete fact file about the digital marketing. It is true that small business owners are using the digital marketing for  business improvement, but they are also keenly interested to invest more in digital marketing because they are generating more return of investment as what they are spending.

This complete data is researched by vivid digital marketing industries, and if you don’t believe go and research about the digital marketing industry. If you are reading this topic, we assure it is the right time to invest in the digital marketing area and you believe, not to look back after spending in digital marketing for your business.

After Digital Marketing Statics and Digital Marketing Myths here are the best tips and ideas why small, big, and big business owners invest in digital marketing for their business.

1.    It is easy to attract shared targeted traffic through online via running advertisements at budget price.
2.    The Digital Marketing strategy is more cost effective as compared to the traditional marketing. It offers better cost per lead as compared to other marketing.
3.    Digital marketing improves conversions – increment in leads, subscribers, and sales.
4.    Digital Marketing generates better revenue.
5.    Digital marketing improves customer interaction base both domestic as well as international level.
6.    The digital Marketing improves brand visibility among mobile users.
7.    Digital Marketing brings Online Reputation of any business
8.    A better return of Investment for all business
9.    Digital marketing earns peoples trust
10.    Digital marketing makes your business stand out from others

Still thinking! Is your business only served, not earned! Try Digital Marketing services from the best digital marketing agency, because in the near future everything digitizes. We are at the digital stage where we need new ideas and concepts of marketing or improving our business and move ahead with the world. It is the right time to use digital marketing services including search engine optimization, social media, pay per click to improve Return of Investment.

You are a small, big, or a medium business runner, try the online marketing services, cost effective as well as it improves customer base around the world.


SMALL Business Owners, Medium Business Owners, and Big Business Owners use Digital Marketing Services to Improve Business brand Visibility, Customers around the world, and Return of Investment.
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