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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Work Hard To Discover Back Links

 Time changed a lot from the past where the SEO professionals do anything to get results. After lots of updates from the Giant Google! Now days and in near future the rise of difficult competition for the targeted keywords. It led professionals to enjoy Hard Work for Back Link Creation.

Work Hard to create back Links

The most valuable question that is trending everything in the Link Building market is -

What is the % of Nacked v's Anchor VS Brand?

Well  the answers are unanimous with different prospective! What we  believe is to focus on the Business brand visibility during link building. So the link building remains  lifetime for any kind of business.

From some professionals you can discover like this - It is the exact answers what everyone looks for!

Brand Name Links - 70%

Naked URL - 20%

Generic term (Click here, read here, this site, more information, read more, Visit Us, ) - 5%

LSI keyword term/ Partials - 5%

Exact Keywords - 1%

This kind of Link building recommended by experts. We too believe because we work with a team to make websites visible in the googlebot eyes of the search engines.

Some professionals go with such % of link building. During link building professionals believe they achieve (Keyword ranking) success at a rapid rate. Some business owners who don't know too much about link building. The professionals prefer a suck kind of link building structure. A completely outdated link building process.

Create 30% links on the Brand name

Create 30% links on Url (naked)

Go for links on 30% of Generic term

LSI kw term-- 5%

Exact/partial kw-- 5%

We  think that it is not up to the mark doesn't try it, it may get website  at the top but this id outdated. Go with the Business Brand visibility  up to 70%.

It is because Giant Search Engine is smart! The rise of voice search result and Google updates degrade the  value of link building.

What is the proper format after the complete on-page optimization of business websites!

Off Page Activities

1. Blog Comments - Write Unique and informative content! Find relevant blogs to comment! Create links on the username instead of the keywords in the comment box.

2. Article Submission - Don't submit 1 article content to 5 to 6 article websites. Such process diminishes the brand value.

3. Blog Submission - Guest blog, very hard now, but provide unique and informative content.

4.  Profile Links - Don't create profile links like sign up and link  posted. Create a good social network via Profile links connect with peoples there. Tell  them who you are and what do you do! make lots of friends there. Access to the social networks on regular basis.

5.  Forums Links - Time changed a lot in the link building process.  We are not in the decade where register the forum  websites to create links. If such thing done by professional then forum moderators ban the user profile. Take time, make genuine profiles,and take part in the discussions.

6. PDF submission - It takes time to create PDF, Go with it, to Boost Brand visibility.

7.  Local Ads - Local ads run for 1 year, some for 2 years, and some may be  for 30 days. Don't give unnecessary links in the description box during local ad posting. Better  to write the brand name otherwise the moderator removes your ad. There are local ad websites which give separate space to share business link.

8. Social bookmarking - write unique content for each single SB, also check the class C IP

9. Business Listing - Effective mechanism to create unique high quality back links. The links from such websites given highest authority. The business owners discover queries from such websites.

10.Micro blogging - Share or post short blogs. Search in the google about "Micro blogging" websites.

11.Press  release Submission - Some professionals think it is not effective. It  is a very effective help to boost business brand visibility.

12.Infographic  Submission - For this web designer is necessary. A complete research  oriented task. Users around the world love to read Infographics. Developed by the Russian.

13.Q  and Answer - Oh! Quora is everywhere! Even some professionals look for  Quora users having strong profiles. There are so many other Question  and answer websites. But don't make them to create back links , better  to build a strong profile there.

14.General Comments  without links - Why always comments with links? Grow knowledge during  comments take take part in the conversations.

15.Website Analysis - There are many websites to analyze the business website. Search in the google "Analyze website" to discover these websites.

16.Search Engine Submissions - Search in the Google "Search engine submission websites".

17.Image Sharing - moderators delete the account now days if posted unwanted images.

18. Directory Submission - Unique content of each single submission. Go to Quality Directories, having a unique class C IP.

19. Competitor Analysis - One of the best method to create links for the business. Many uses SEO tools to extract the competitor links. According to us follow the manual process to discover competitor links.

And many others white hat SEO techniques... Well the another question arises-

Well the another question arises -

How many back links created per day?

For this professionals need to take care about the Link Velocity.

In an Hour 4 good quality links created. So think, according to it, how many links created for any business per day.

Which is better Do-Follow or No-Follow?

It  is a very interesting query! Sometimes we laugh, because search engine  says both need. The business owners always look for the Do-Follow  back links. The recent trend shows that now days professionals looking  for the no-follow back links.  It is because they already created lots of  Do-Follow back links. It means go with both - do-follow and no-follow back links.

SEO sometime looks funny, but it  is very interesting. Lots of things to cover under this filed. The  future of digital marketing is bright, a recession free industry, but  the competition becomes tougher and tougher. Those who know that SEO  ranking takes time - they are ok, but those client who don't know the SEO life SUCKs! We  recommend to go with business brand link building strategy for a brighter digital marketing business strategy.
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