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Friday, September 7, 2018

Youtube Channel Optimization - How to Make more people to Watch

Q. I created a YouTube channel on "funny animals". I uploaded more than 10 videos that I collected from various sources which are not at the YouTube. I had very little views! Would you like to share your ways to How to optimize the YT videos in easier manner so to increase subscribers and views?

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 Ans. Daily upload 1 or 2 videos The video quality is top priority Optimize properly with tags and title Share them via social media channels like Fb, twitter and many other social networking websites

Q. Are you do sth about YouTube seo?

Ans. First When begin YT video then add some initial starting video of 10 sec to 15 second then start video at the end add subscribe button...

Add special effects

Title plays an important role

Search for the title in the Google, and you tube before making the title

Write unique description for every video with various keywords

Ad various tags or keywords,

long tail is a good ideas to improve the visibility in the YT

Client : yes, you are so kind

 Title is this funny cat compilation, try not laugh  search this in the Google and YouTube there are so many videos analyze their title make creative title by taking all the keywords from various titles... make it long

tail long tail means the title use more keywords and it is long ? Try not to laugh

Challenge - Super Funny Cats Compilation

Keywords use in proper manner, have some meaning,

user search them Make Unique description including keywords.... ... ..

After YT optimization Go with marketing  

yes that is great Fb - Facebook Make group and page of your channel name "loong prank"

First optimize the fb page add description image add friends there, invite your friends, add YT videos there 5 per day

make G+ community share your channel videos via G+ there are so many G+ communities you can join there share your YT videos

Share YT videos at twitter Use # tags also during sharing  

Client: yes very good suggestions

Beside these social media platforms there are so many social networking websites

Search in google "Social networking websites"

You can get wikipedia page where you can find the Social Nqtworking websites lists

Register to all these SM websites and share your YT channels videos add friends there share them manually through messaging

You can Run PPC also

For more subs and views Hard work require

It take time 2 to 3 months....

Create a website purchase a domain name... Put all your videos URL in the website

Do SEO for your website , so more visitors come to your website and watch your videos - Do run automatic videos - means if visitor come to the website the video automatically runs...

Client:  I need time to study and digestion them es, take time Upload videos every day Your channels will rank automatically in the search engine But it take time, as YT policies Updated make channel creative by adding images social media links as I share the channel with you look them top create a unique channel description sure that is great suggestion



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