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The SEO is not a month plan. The business owners around the world think that in 1 month SEO professionals achieve the results to rank website at top of the google, but it is not so. There are many factors responsible to rank website at the top of the google. Some Important factors responsible for ranking the keywords are as follows - 1. How competitive the keywords are?
Suppose the keyword competition between 1k then it is possible to rank it in 4 to 6 months. 2. Long tail and short tail keywords
Long tail keywords get easily ranking in 2 months, but short tail keywords depending on the competition take time to rank. 3. Geographical Targeted location keywords
Many SEO professionals go with it as it help to rank them easily in the specific location because of the reduction in the competition. Other factors are as follows for the keyword ranking
The on-page optimization. The main benefit of the on-page is to make the website Search Engine friendly. There are more than 200 riles of the Google giant search engine which need to follow to make the website SEO friendly, thus after on-page the website come sin the search engines. Link Building plays an Important role
The link building is not dead as it is the major role to discover the ranking in the Google. Under this there are many points to consider during the link building process, some important point responsible during the link building creation. 1. Relevancy
if business is related to health then all the links created on health related websites. if Finance related business which is very tough and heavy competition, then too the link creation is done only on the finance related websites. What about the fashion website, under this all the links comes from the fashion related websites. So, the relevancy is the top factor responsible during the link creation which need not to be compromise by any SEO agency around the world. 2. Domain Authority and Page Authority
During the link creation these are the top consideration, getting links from high DA and PA websites make complete sense as high DA and PA websites drive more traffic because of they have heavy traffic. 3. Do-follow and No-Follow Links
Many business owner think that only Do-Follow link are best for their business, but it is not so, the do-follow links means the link juice passed to the link from that website, but No-Follow too required the ration between do-follow and no follow is around 50% 50%. Here are the SEO packages according to the business owners requirement

8 MONTHS SEO Pricing and Packages

Features Basic Plan Aggressive Plan Ecommerce Plan
PRICING 1200$ 1500$ 2000$
NUMBER OF KEYWORDS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Website analysis and reporting YES YES YES
Keyword Research YES YES YES
On-Page Plan
Title creation YES YES YES
Meta tags creation YES YES YES
Image optimization YES YES YES
Sitemap creation YES YES YES
Robots.txt creation YES YES YES
Canonical analysis YES YES YES
Content optimization YES YES YES
Internal link structuring YES YES YES
Setting up Google webmaster Account YES YES YES
Setting Up Google Analytics aacount YES YES YES
Google business lisitng creation YES YES YES
Off-Page optimization (Link Building)
Blog Comments
Article Submission
Blog Submission
Profile Links
Forums Links
PDF submission
Local Ads
Social bookmarking
Business Listing
Micro blogging
Press release Submission
Infographic Submission
Q and Answer
General Comments without links
Website Analysis
Search Engine Submissions
Image Sharing
Directory Submission
Web 2.0 Submnissions
PPT submission
video sharing
Competetor Analysis
Guest posts
Tier 2 Link Building
Tier 3 Link Building

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