What is a Search Engine

Search engine is a program help users to search their required queries on basis of keywords which are present in the huge database of search engines. Huge data base stored at the World Wide Web. The search results are represented by search engine result process (SERP). Information in form of images, pdf, videos, websites, and other files are shown in SERP.

History of Search Engines
1.       Internet searching engines predate THEMSELVES IN 1990
2.       Multi network user search exists in 1989
3.       Whois search comes in 1982
4.       The first well documented search engine come in 10 September 1990
5.       Do you know the World Wide Web was entirely indexed by hand in 1993.
6.       Important – List of webservers edited by Tim Berners Lee and was hosted on CERN webserver.
7.       The first searching content tool was created by Alan Emtage name Archie, v silent.
8.       Gopher was created by Mark McCahill in 1991.
9.       Veronica and Jughead are like Archie uses to search file names and titles stored in Gopher.
10.   Up to 1993, no search engine exists for web all are searched manually.
11.   Do you know? W3Catalog, the web’s first Primitive search engine come in September 2 1993.
12.   In 1993 the first web robot come into existence name WANDERER, which generate index called Wandex. Its purpose is to measure the size of World Wide Web.
13.   The web’s second important search engine exists in the November 1993 name Aliweb.
14.   Around 2000 Google Search Engine Prominence arose, as it is favored by millions users around the world inbuilt with extra facilities like page Rank and improved user friendly search results.
Google creator
Larry Page and Sergy Brain

15.   Microsoft rebranded search engine name Bing on JUNE 1 2009.
Look Images Which Guide the Search Engine History

How web search engine works?
There are three basic strategies followed by search engines, these are as follows -
1.       Web Crawling
Unique Content is discovered by Bots.
2.       Indexing
Were web page is analyzed and stored in huge data base.
3.       Searching
List of pages are discovered by bots to user queries.

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